Harem (I’m your genie in the bottle)

During the hub’s company plus halloween dinner with his boss and colleagues.  I was thinking of dressing up in my pink dress but thinking that they all came to work I think I am overly dress.   So I  made some last minute changes and had a hard time thinking of what to go with Harem pants.  I never bought this pants they are from the hub, he said he wants to see me wearing them because he thinks they look good on me.

In my own opinion, I never get too fashion forward especially with this kind of pants I feel like a genie or a dwarf wearing them.  But I did try my luck, thank God to Google for giving me more ideas on how to wear it and what to pair them with.  Is Harem pants still in or out?  I have seen some in Topshop and Forever21, what do you think?  Am I too beautiful to be your genie in the bottle? hahahhaha!!!!



top: Zara

necklace: overlay pearls from Loalde

necklace: rosary necklace from F21

pants: harem from Bangkok (gifted)

bag: LV

shoes: thrifted from Bangkok









say hello to my gorgeous wedge, a great thrift find.  Wore it the entire night and it’s the most comfortable shoes ever.  LOVE IT!!!!




Have a wonderful weekend guys!



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  2. Mildred · October 31, 2010

    Sweet, am not really a fan of harem pants, good thing each time I look at your pictures, it’s your pretty face I see ;)). If your hubz thinks you look good at it, you have to consider it ;))


    • Sweet · October 31, 2010

      aww thanks Dredd…I think I should be trusting his fashion sense 😀

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  4. kerry · October 31, 2010

    this look is great on you!! 🙂 definately a keeper!! 🙂 xxxx

    • Sweet · October 31, 2010

      thanks kerry 😀

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  6. rianna · October 31, 2010

    I think they are a bit wild looking but i really quite like them
    Rianna xxxx

    • Sweet · October 31, 2010

      thanks love….kisses!!!

  7. Missy S · October 31, 2010

    im not really a fan of harem pants but id love to try soon 🙂 i first saw em on korean movies. and they look good(because theyre skinny,pretty face and all)
    butt heeeeey they look good on you! i love the gray-tone pairing! 🙂 work it!

    • Sweet · November 1, 2010

      thanks dear…that’s an unplanned outfit hahahah

  8. Taryn H. · October 31, 2010

    this is so fierce! love that neckalce

    • Sweet · November 1, 2010

      thanks taryn dearest!!!

  9. momdaughterstyle · November 1, 2010

    you look good in that pants, they look so comfy in style.

    • Sweet · November 1, 2010

      yes really comfy hahahah!

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  12. Leia · November 1, 2010

    I don’t know if harem pants are still in or not, but I wasn’t really a big fan of the trend! 😛 As long as you like it that’s what matters though 😉

    • Sweet · November 1, 2010

      yes you are absolutely right love

  13. paola · November 1, 2010

    really love those kind of pants. also love the shoes!

  14. Mia · November 1, 2010

    Wow! I don’t think I can pull off Harem pants like you can.. 😀


    • Sweet · November 1, 2010

      aww I am blushing thanks dear!

  15. v · November 1, 2010

    looking good, guapa!
    ahhh harem pants! i want one but i dunno how to wear ’em ^^
    have a fabulous week ahead, guapa!

    • Sweet · November 1, 2010

      thanks gwapss kisses!

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