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overdue party

  EH308 Class   Finally the first semester is over.  I have yet to adjust my study habits, personal life, blogging time and of course love life, hahahhaa! This blog post is an expected over due post about our Law School Acquaintance Party, the last time I remember attending one was when I was in… Continue reading overdue party

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Polka Dots and Hearts

For the past two years, I have neglected my blog and forgot about who I really was.  But now, I am going back to my roots and finding my way back to blogging again.  I never left, I only did not have time to blog again.  So part of my of NY resolution is to… Continue reading Polka Dots and Hearts

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2012 it’s a WRAP!

2012 was not so bad there were happy moments, there were sad and crazy moments too.  So here is a timeline of the best highlights I had last 2012. January - I spent new year with the two important person in my life. It was a crazy way to start the year with unlimited supply… Continue reading 2012 it’s a WRAP!

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Holiday Cheers and Bliss

  It is the time of the year when everyone is busy wrapping gifts, shopping for that perfect dress and preparing holiday cheers and cards for everyone.  This will be my fourth year spending Christmas alone.   I do miss spending Christmas with my family, especially the food, the fireworks, the get together, and  my… Continue reading Holiday Cheers and Bliss

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Sparkly at 27-ish….

the entire office staff with my co-celebrant...  a closer look at my sweet cake After all that glitters, I am still sparkling at the age of 27.  Spent my entire day working my ass off in the office, of course I wouldn't wonder when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me, nothing is new.  It has… Continue reading Sparkly at 27-ish….