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Pink weddings

I attended a wedding last week, it was simple, intimate and fun.  It was a time for me to dress up and be pretty without thinking of work.  I finally took another DIY with my sheer top and my old necklaces.  I guess the outfit turned perfectly right for the night. Oh weddings!!!!  “When you… Continue reading Pink weddings

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hippie me – DIY fringed cropped top

this was my DIY inspiration My grandmother was a dress maker, she was the one who made my dresses every time I get to join any beauty contest when I was still young.  From cute skirts to long gowns my grandmother has been an epitome of vintage style and fashion for me.  Sad to say… Continue reading hippie me – DIY fringed cropped top

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InStyle and Dress To Kill Look

I received so many comments about my previous post.  Everyone is quite excited for the entire outfit hahahhaa!  Thank you for the excitement guys, just want to warn you that this post is going to be overloaded with images so please bear with me. We attended the InStyle event inside the Central World before going… Continue reading InStyle and Dress To Kill Look

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when it doubt, you go shopping!

If there is one thing I love about Bangkok is because of it's wide array of cheap stuff plus if you can speak Thai you have a great chance of asking for a discount.  I am not fluent when it comes to the Thai language but I can speak and start a conversation little by… Continue reading when it doubt, you go shopping!

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Harem (I’m your genie in the bottle)

During the hub's company plus halloween dinner with his boss and colleagues.  I was thinking of dressing up in my pink dress but thinking that they all came to work I think I am overly dress.   So I  made some last minute changes and had a hard time thinking of what to go with… Continue reading Harem (I’m your genie in the bottle)