It’s sweeter in Hey Sugar!

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One of my ultimate frustration is not having long and lush eyelashes.  I am a big fan of eyelash extensions, I stopped when I got pregnant because where else will I flaunt my lashes anyway.  But after some time, before 2016 hits to an end, I decided to glam up and get my eyelash extensions from Hey Sugar.

Of course, I’m an avid Hey Sugar client because I always get my eyebrow threaded at their salon and get my high on sugar with their sweet choice of sugar coated wax.

Their newest branch at SM City Cebu recently opened and I was very lucky to be the first to try their services.

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I decided to let my eyelash pop with wow with Hey Sugar’s Frost Me Extension.

I love going to their salon because of their dainty design, the pastel and floral prints were just good for the eyes and it’s pretty cozy inside.

The Frost Me Extension was so quick and easy and the esthetician was very gentle especially when handling the glue part and making sure that my eyelashes would look good with the extensions.

It felt good as well since I was able to take a nap while they were putting on the extensions.

After 45 minutes, viola! Long and gorgeous lashes ready for the new year.  As always, my overall experience with Hey Sugar is always pleasant, not only do they have a cozy ambiance but their staff are always friendly and accommodating as well.

Next visit I will try their Strawberry Swirl, their eyelash perming, but for now let me enjoy batting my eyelashes for the new year.


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Check out Hey Sugar’s Services



Sweet thoughts about 31


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You never go wrong with denims and leather skirts.

Crop Top – Emporium finds

Leather Skirt – Zara

Denim Jacket – Forever21

Sandals – Primadonna

Bag – Prada

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Now that I am officially 31, never in my entire life have I imagined myself slowing down for any reason.  I was always on the go, impulsive in my decisions, changing preferences in life, a rule breaker, taking risks and probably loves to procrastinate most of the time but never slowing down with my dreams and ambitions.

I am constantly chasing my dream but when Sven came, I shifted, I changed and I put all my priorities to rest and told myself that I will make him my number one priority.  I want to be there on his first year growing up.

I’d say my first year being thirty is filled with beautiful memories worth remembering and I am very grateful that I’ve made it this far.  I was blessed to have the most amazing and beautiful pregnancy.  Indeed, Motherhood really changed me, it changed me to become a better person not only for my family and friends; but to my husband and son.  I can say I was the best Aunt to my nephews and nieces but nothing could compare the love you have for your own child.

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My favorite date.

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Adulting is hard but being married and being a mother is tough, you become a complete different person physically, emotionally and spiritually.  But with everything I’ve been through, I came up stronger with no regret at all.

I’ve lived my teenage years enjoying my youth.  My twenties living the life and now as I slow down on my thirties, I am starting to build my dreams not only for me but for my family.  Times always changing and I am glad that I am also a partner for that change.

To everyone who greeted me on my 31st birthday, my heart-filled thank you.  I hate to say this, but I love being 31.



Thank you for the mister for always making my birthday special.


Flawless Easy Peel

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When it comes to skin care I’d definitely say that I am low-maintenance, I just started taking care of my skin when I was almost turning 30 and my dermatologist told me to have a nightly skin care routine.  Honestly speaking I get tired of having a nightly routine because I’ve spent my 27 years just washing my face with water before going to bed.  Of course, I have to be thankful for my genes because I didn’t had any breakouts when I was in my puberty stage and I do drink a lot of water thus it helped my skin stay hydrated.

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I was even luckier that I didn’t had any skin care problems when I was pregnant with Sven, I only experienced those pregnancy dark spots when I was almost finish with my term, so after 6 months post-pregnancy I decided to take care of my skin again.  I’ve had a lot of facials before but I still feel something is wrong, I can still see dark spots around the corner of my eyes, the area around my nostrils and mouth.

Good thing Flawless recently opened their newest branch at SM Seaside Cebu, it’s very accessible especially for someone like me who lives down south.


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So I consulted their Resident doctor and asked about my dark spots, she suggested that I get the Flawless Easy Peel, I was a bit hesitant knowing that they are going to apply chemical on my face and the thought of having to undergo peeling for the next 4-7 days after the treatment was a terrifying thought. And another thing I was afraid of, was knowing that the procedure will not help me with my post-pregnancy dark spots and it might get worst in the end.

So I really had to think over and over before I decided to go forth with the treatment.  After numerous research and checking out the reviews regarding the procedure, I was finally convinced and scheduled a session at Flawless SM Seaside.

What I learned about the Flawless Easy Peel is that the treatment does not leave your skin burnt and the peeling process is very fast.  It uses a TCA solution and nourishing cream which works to resurface the skin and reduces your dark marks and lightens your skin.  What I love about it, is the fact it can reduce the appeaprance of dark spots and other pigmentations including those caused by acne treatments.

I cleared my schedule and made sure that I don’t have any special meetings or events to attend to.

The first phase includes their classic facial, I am familiar with Flawless facial since I’ve been an avid customer ever since I came back from Thailand.

Second phase is the application of the TCA solution and cream, however, I had to come back three days after my facial because I opted to have my face scraped and the doctor advised me that there might be a slim chance of any skin reaction aside from the usual peeling.

And the next phase would be, when things starts to peel off.  I had a high tolerance in pain because I didn’t mind the stinging feeling when the chemical was applied onto my face.  After a day, the skin feels dry.  My post ritual includes, washing my face with mild soap and a water-based sunblock in case I have to go out to run errands for Sven.

After the third day, I saw the visible skin peeling off from my face.  It started on my nostrils and the area around my mouth.  I followed the doctor’s advised religiously and just let the peeling take its course naturally and I was very patient in letting my skin heal.

In total, it took me 10 days to have everything peeled off and I went back to my usual skin care routine.


Good thing, I only had light peeling from Day 1 to 10.

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Honestly speaking, I was so excited to see the results after day seven, since I’ve observed that my face looked lighter and I didn’t have to apply any BB or CC cream before going out.  For 10 days, I only had sunblock on my face, lipstick and fixed my eyebrows but everyone was raving of how blooming I looked.

The procedure reduced the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles on my face and after the entire treatment, my skin feels tighter and is now lighter.

The entire experience was really worth-it.  I am so happy that I don’t need to put thick layers of foundation because I can go out make-up free.  The effect was really evident, now everyone is saying that I don’t look my age, in fact they think I am seven years younger hahahaha!  Now, I can go around the city without having to hide my dark spots.  And yes, I can go bare again on my face.  I am really lazy in applying make-up everyday, especially now that most of my time is consumed in taking care of my baby, so with the results of Flawless Easy Peel, I only have to wear my daily moisturiser with sunscreen protection and armed myself with my favorite lip color and eyebrow. Again, Thank you Flawless!

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I’ve been trying to tell everyone that I am low maintenance but I guess everything comes with age when you start to realise that you must take care of your skin.  I’ve been an avid Flawless client since I came back from Thailand and I feel that I have the same flawless secret, nailing that #nofilter, #nomakeuplook with Maxene, Divine and Jodi.



Now celebrating their 15th year, Flawless is even more fabulous with their anniversary theme – FAB@15

2016 has been a hefty year for the beauty brand, especially with the launch of its new look, introducing an innovative facial treatment, and opening of 8 new locations; totaling to a strong network of 45 clinics nationwide.  With these beautiful achievements, Flawless owner and CEO, Rubby Sy-Coyiuto can’t help but to look back at other milestones her company has achieved through the years.

“Whenever I think of a Flawless milestone, be it an award, a clinic opening, a new treatment or a product, I always tell myself that it’s the loyalty of our clients that brought us this,” shares Rubby. “That’s why we make sure to return the favor by giving them what want and deserve on National Flawless Day.”

National Flawless Day, which falls on the 8th of December, marks the founding of the clinic; and each year, Flawless releases a nationwide promo highly anticipated by their beauty patrons.

For their 15th anniversary, Rubby and her team decided to do something big and fabulous that no other aesthetic centers would think of, a two-phased promo that gives you more reasons to celebrate beauty with Flawless.

Flawless’ FAB@15 promo enables clients to choose over 15 gorgeous offers to suit their beauty wants and skincare needs by using coupons. These offers include free products, complimentary service upgrades, straight discounts, and buy 1 take 1 on facials—all tried and tested deals by clients who have been journeying with the brand.


Harping on the “fabulous fifteen” mantra, Flawless is also raffling off 15 exciting prizes to 15 lucky winners. For each FAB@15 coupon availed, a client will get one raffle entry. A Pink Yamaha Mio Scooter, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Rose Gold Phone, 7-inch Lenovo Tablet, and 15,000-Peso shopping gift cards are just some of the covetous items to be given during the raffle draw on January 14, 2017.

FAB@15 coupons are available for free in all Flawless clinics nationwide, and may be availed from November 1 to December 31, 2016.

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