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Motherhood at its finest.

The joys of motherhood. Photography By: Lucky Veloso (Matte Box Productions)   XOXO, Sweet Follow me on: @sweetvselma on Instagram @sweetvselma on Twitter MyPensandLens on Facebook Cebu Fashion Bloggers on Facebook

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Nestle in…

Nestle in, it's the start of the cuddle weather. I love rainy days, for me it’s my favorite weather especially when you have a tiny munchkin huddled up closely with you indoors.  It’s the start of the monsoon in the Philippines and I don’t particulary like getting wet, I just love staying indoors, drinking my… Continue reading Nestle in…

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Revisiting Suyac Island

  I’ve never seen a place blessed with naturally beautiful, exquisite flora and fauna with abundance of hidden islands and the sea.  I’ve been to Sagay City a couple of times but I wasn’t able to fully explore their neighboring islands.  I was asked to visit Suyac Island recently but I declined because I can’t… Continue reading Revisiting Suyac Island

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I’m a SUPERWOMAN (My birth story)

  I guess I was one of the lucky ones who enjoyed her pregnancy to the fullest.  I loved the usual food trips with friends, no lines because you’re pregnant, VIP parking space, healthy food and sometimes you get your usual cravings but along with these great advantages is the common fear by most pregnant… Continue reading I’m a SUPERWOMAN (My birth story)

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Riffles or Ruffles?

I think everyone knows that I gave birth to a happy bouncing baby boy but before everyone learned the gender of my baby, most of my friends thought that I was carrying a baby girl.  I think there were only two or three people who have guessed the correct gender of my gummy bear and… Continue reading Riffles or Ruffles?