Self-care Momma!

It’s time to put self-care on your to-do list Momma!

To be able to take care of others means, we should take care of ourselves, yet most moms doesn’t want to step out of their comfort zone and risk putting themselves first.  I am a believer that in order to take care of others you should start to take care of yourselves, but how can we design our everyday life if we are meant to juggle our family and careers altogether?  What is left for us mothers? 

Recently, most mothers are being pressured with what they see on social media, being online fuels your mind to over think especially now that most news are about the pandemic and we are left with a lot of anxiety with what is happening around us.  We have the hardest jobs in maintaining our family healthy  while it gives us a lot of stress in keeping our family’s health our utmost priority.

Feeding our body well with nutrients and supplements is a way for us to purposely start our self care routine. Let us start implementing natural and simple routines that start with ourselves before we impart it with our family.  When we choose what supplements to take with the highest quality without breaking our budget, we feel at ease with our choices especially when these choices are meant to significantly boost one’s immunity that protect against infections and support your entire family’s overall health.

That is why health is always important every day, we don’t want you to miss out in life because we get tired and sick easily.  It is always better to protect ourselves and encourage our family to boost their immunity by taking healthy supplements from Puritan’s Pride.

I do keep my headspace kit readily available since it helps me battle my anxiety against COVID, I make sure I have my supplements ready to keep my mind at ease.

Puritan’s Pride Melatonin has become everyone’s favorite lately, since taking Melatonin increases your protection against COVID and studies shows that melatonin could possibly protect against COVID-19 by increasing one’s tolerance to the virus. The people who got tested for COVID-19 took melatonin and had lower incidence of being positive to the disease.

Plus boosting your immune system while improving your antioxidant health and skincare, Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C which is infused with Citrus Bioflavonoid and Rose Hips is an excellent choice of vitamins that helps support healthy skin and immunity as one (we all love taking care of our skin Mommies!)

So a gently reminder to always unbottle your day to day stress and anxiety away and as a Mom I highly recommend Puritan’s Pride headspace support, this will surely help moms keep tabs on their health and family’s immunity.

So next time you feel exhausted and got out of track in taking care of yourself, act on it and head over to Puritans Pride’s Shop now! Start shopping for you and your family while you also encourage them to live a purposeful stress free life.  Visit Puritan’s Pride Shopee Page and start strengthening your immunity in this trying time.

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