My six letter love story




Isn’t it a wonder how we sometimes blame technology for not being able to socialize and see things the old way. We’ve received advices to look up and interact with others so not to miss any opportunity or even the slight chance of meeting that someone, however in this world of smartphones and the rapid growth of technology there is a small piece of evidence that somehow in a thousand collection of faces we meet online, in a distant 50 miles radius, someone has bumped into your online self, probably its fate but somehow out of the thousand of faces, he saw you. He saw a different you, when most guys never saw before. He braved his way into your soul where no other guy was brave enough to go through. Out of that 50 miles radius, you clicked instantly, though hesitant but from that first conversation there was never a dull moment, it’s as if you’ve known each other for a very long time. Nothing of that awkward getting to know you stage. It was more than the spark, it was purely serendipity when it happened.

Right after the first video call, the daily sharing of ideas, thoughts and inspirations unraveled. The exchange of how is your day? Have you eaten? How are you? What did you do today? And as each day passes by, I’ve learn to love life more; because somehow, someone has given me a reason to love my life again.

Out of the ordinary, a ray of sunshine has touched the dark corners of my heart, healing each broken promises and dreams. Slowly, my heart started to feel human again. The walls are slowly going down, my spirit has lifted up and my dreams are back to the pedestal of hope. These changes happened in just a swift of a moment, until the little box was never enough, there must be a manifestation if this is really real. So after 336 hours from the time we first talked online, we decided to take this into a whole new level; to test if these blissful world we have can survive the real world. Whether we are capable of feeling the same range of emotions the way we’ve felt in the cyberworld.

And then we met, without any missed chance, we just clicked, just like what happened in that first day. I’ve wondered, if fate and destiny is true, why life has brought me to you. You were no longer the guy sitting in front of the screen, you are now the guy I can finally touch, hold and feel.
The warmth of your existence sparkled into my heart.

That very day we met, the spark turned into an exploding bomb of emotions, it was a rollercoaster ride with more ups than downs. It was heaven in paradise. Nothing mattered, it was just you and I.

I didn’t know why, you came into my life, our love story might not be as conventional as what others had expected. People might be wary of how this love started, but little do they know we’ve built something stronger than any ordinary love story ever told. Because on that ordinary night of February 9, our stars has aligned to its perfect existence and brought our wandering souls as one despite the impending distance.

I love you.







Dedicated to my baby: Jullymar Selma. I love you.


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