Grey Engagement

Lunch Date after the great news unfolded. OOTD Top: Promod Pants: Forever21 Shoes: Follie Bag: Parfois The past few days I’ve been running around and is still high somewhere between cloud nine and heaven from all the beautiful things that happened in my life.  I am ENGAGED! Yes, caps lock to emphasise that beautiful news….

Body Shamers, f*ck off!

Acceptance is all you need, to find fulfilment within yourself. Tomorrow, summer will be officially over in the Philippines but in some parts of the globe, they are all excited to soak under the sun and feel the sand on their feet. As part of my comeback, I have prepared a series of summer escapades…

My Solo Trip 2015 (Taal Volcano)

Morning view  Self-timer works best with this kind of view.  Right after eating my breakfast.  The last leg for my Solo Trip consists of me, waking up early in the morning since the call time was 6:30am.  I ate my breakfast, enjoyed my morning coffee and view plus took a couple of photos of the place….

Solo Trip 2015 (Manila)

Bags are all packed, reading for boarding. Touchdown Manila.  My first solo trip was the entire reason why this blog came to be, it was my Bangkok journey which led me to create an online diary of my adventures, my so called independence and little ramblings in life.  I can’t believe that it happened 6…

To Heaven (Osmena Peak x2)

GoPro Shots. Camping ground. On top of the peak. This is a very outdated post, I forgot I have a lot of drafts saved waiting to be publish.  It is kind of weird that 2014, was such a crazy but fun year.  So here, I am hoping that I can write again for this little…