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Bangkok International Fashion Week 2011

YES you heard it right, this coming March 24-27, 2011 Bangkok is going to celebrate another week of bright and fun show to showcase the bright and talented designers of Thailand.  I was pretty impressed during the Elle Fashion Week last October but this time around there is going to be more shows and designs to be showcased.  I generally love the designs from Senada and Kai, plus for the casual look Greyhound has been on top of my list.

So I am inviting everyone of you who will be coming in Bangkok to join me and the rest of the world to gather in this Fashion haven.  Let us gather at Siam Paragon and celebrate because this week will give us an outlook of where the Fashion industry can take us amidst the rise of the social media, this is going to be very informational because of  a network of so many ideas to share.  From style trends, to creative designs we are one network of Fashionable being.   Scan the QR code of each show for you to know how to get a pass for this one of a kind Fashion event.

photo credits: Paragon Corner


30 thoughts on “Bangkok International Fashion Week 2011”

  1. That’s really nice bitch. Here in Cebu they don’t have much fashion shows anymore…If they do have it’s in waterfront or somewhere where it would really cost you quite a fortune. I guess I’m just really so thrifty…heheheheh

  2. Ahhhhhh. This is such a WONDERFUL POST. I’ve never checked out Bangkok International Week – so this is a WONDERFUL TASTE. I love it. It’s WONDERFUL. I say wonderful a lot. I adore it.

    And by the way, I loooove the new layout. It’s so fresh and profesh. Hah. That rhymed!

  3. Gorgeous! One of the best things about fashion blogs is the way we’re able to get more insight into fashion events and fashion-related culture all over the world. It’s so enlightening and reminds you just how important fashion is, how it brings us all together!

  4. Love this post! I’ve been following Bangkok Fashion Week for a few seasons now and I can’t wait to see your coverage. I’m based in NYC but hopefully I’ll make it there one day, I’m jealous!!

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