Into the wild with Cebu Safari and Adventure Park



I’ve always love great adventures but sad to say, we only have limited places to explore here in Cebu.  I remember going to Cebu Zoo when I was still in elementary, I was very thrilled and excited to see different kinds of animals such as elephants and monkeys, and when I’ve visited Crocolandia in Talisay City, I was like a little kid saying all the “ohhh”, “wows” and more after checking their biggest Crocodile and other local animals.  So with all the current buzz of the Cebu’s latest destination, I was so thrilled to get a group preview with my family and finally to see for ourselves all the wild animals in Cebu Safari and Adventure Park.

The 170-hectare safari park with different animals coming from all around the world was such a sweet sight for Sven and I.  For just Php 800.00 which includes a lunch buffet, the entire trip was totally worth it.




We left Cebu City at around 10am, good thing we weren’t stuck at traffic because we were checking the traffic updates through Waze.  Cebu Safari does not offer any transportation services yet, so if you’re not going via a private vehicle, you may take a bus from the North Bust Terminal and stopped at the Carmen Public Market, from there you can take a habal-habal or motorcycle going to Cebu Safari.  The distance from the main highway going to the Park is a little bit far, so prepare for an adventure in going up.  The roads are fine though there are areas that they haven’t finished yet.

When we arrived at the park, we went straight ahead to their Safari Outpost to have our lunch buffet.  Make sure to bring extra water with you but place them in proper containers and not plastic bottles since they do not allow plastic bottles to be brought inside the park.




After having our lunch, we were given a map and was briefed by one of their staff where we can start.  There are tram rides available but I suggest to maximise your entire tour and for you to interact with the animals, you walk from one place to another.  I know the place is quiet huge but trust me, you will fully enjoy the entire park when you do the walking and make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Check out my vlog to see the animals inside the Safari and more animals to be featured on my second video.

And remember here are simple reminders if you plan to visit Cebu Safari and Adventure Park anytime soon.

  1. You would be walking most of the time inside the park, so always remember to hydrate yourself or bring water bottles.  (Water refills are available in the pavilions – with the exception of infant formula sensitive water, PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES are not allowed inside.)
  2. Use high SPF sunblocks (the place is a bit breezy but the sun’s UV ray is unforgiving at times.)
  3. Wear comfortable clothes (breathable shorts and shirts, hiking shoes and hats/caps.)
  4. Trams will go around and stop at the designated drop off and pick up points.  
  5. Trams are by first come, first served basis and ETA is every 15 minutes per area, so please queue for your turn to ride the tram.
  6. NO SELFIE STICKS allowed.
  8. The animals ARE NOT TRAINED and we adhere to the Safari standard of keeping them in their natural habitat, so PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH, GO NEAR, TOUCH or TAP THEM.
  9. Please be mindful of your belongings.  Cebu Safari will not be held liable for any losses.
  11. The entire Safari is a NO SMOKING ZONE.  

Violation of these rules means you will be escorted out of the premises right away.




The park is very promising and I cannot wait for it to finish and open to the public soon.  There will more additions and yes a hotel inside the Safari is very exciting.  They will also have more attractions and wild animals to add pretty soon.  So if you are a natural kid at heart you will surely enjoy this place with your entire family and friends.

For bookings and inquiries, contact

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Contact Number: +63-995-835-3460

You may also follow their Facebook Page at Cebu Safari and Adventure Park





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  1. nahan au ko moari ate pero wa jd ko car hehehehehe hope mgkabond ta here soon ❤ ❤ ❤

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