Blessed Pregnancy


“Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

– Elizabeth Stone


At first I was determined that I would not turn my blog into a semi-mommy blog.  I even told myself that my Social Media will not be bombarded with baby pictures and stories about being a mom but then, it’s funny how things can change so quickly.  Before I was all about fashion and all but then I realise that I can work with fashion and be a fab mom at the same time.

I’ve already shared with you my story about how I learned about my pregnancy.  My pregnancy experience differs from other moms that I know of.  I have some friends who had complications while they were pregnant, some were asked to stay in bed during their entire pregnancy others experienced their morning sickness while I was lucky enough to have the smoothest and easiest pregnancy because yet again, no two pregnancies are the same.



My second trimester was the easiest part, no heavy cravings and I was feeling so good.  Of course hearing that very first heart beat brought tears in my eyes; because for the first time, I knew a tiny miracle is growing inside of me.

I was even glad that I didn’t even gain much weight, I was on track.  I took my vitamins and ate healthy foods religiously.  And what was important;  I enjoyed my pregnancy in peace.  I never take too much negativity in my life.  I know there are exclusive haters out there but I was busy loving every single day being pregnant than entertaining these negativity.  I cannot even fathom some people who wished ill and vile things towards my unborn child. I was very happy that I never had any problems despite people wishing that I will have a hard time, that’s probably how good karma works.

Being pregnant is never easy, some days you feel like crap and other days you wake up feeling good and amazing but in the end you feel grateful on how blessed you are to be pregnant, not everyone can experience this once in a lifetime journey.



DIY Sunflower Crown | Dress: Liberty |Lace Cardigan: Forever21 | Make-up by: Moi | Photography: Matte Box Production

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