Oslob Adventures. Summer 2015


Jordan, Lucky and Lovely
After our Bantayan Escapade the gang went home, changed our bags and prepared for another trip to the Southern part of Cebu.  I was quite thrilled since it will be the third time for the boyf and I to explore the south, the last time was during his first vacation in Cebu, April of last year.  So after taking a quick break we then head out as early as six in the morning.
Our first stop was to visit the gentle giants of the South.  I wasn’t able to blog about the first time I visited the place because I was too busy last year.  So let me make a small throwback about our experience in Oslob.  It was such a thrilling experience for me and the boyf, we were both afraid of the gentle giants. Imagine me screaming my ass out every time they swam beside me. All the fishermen were literally laughing at the both of us. Good thing was, even if the boyf was scared, he was still man enough to keep a close watch on me. It was one of the most amazing 20 minutes of our vacation.
The Gentle Giants.
I was actually scared as hell.
Same thing happened to my brother, Jordan and Lovely but they did well in their pictures in comparison to us. I am putting a short clip of the whale shark experience which my brother took while swimming with them.
Right after visiting the whale sharks we then headed off to the beautiful and enchanted Tumalog Falls. It was also our second time there but it was a fun-filled and different experience with the entire gang.
So again, I am going to bombard you with amazing photos of the Whale Sharks and the Falls, these are just one of the many reasons why you must come, visit and experience Cebu.  Enjoy.  Kisses xoxox
Tumalog Falls

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