Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

The worst thing you can do to me is make a replica of myself. I believe that I am exquisite in different ways and this has been an issue ever since my period has started.  I am so allergic to people who cannot be happy with their own life thus they want to live or pretend to have mine.  Seriously speaking I am just an ordinary girl making the most of my ordinary world.  I explore, I dream, I am a believer of my own ambitions and goals.  What the heck is so extraordinary about my life that you wanted to be me?  The only thing I am good at is  I take risks and I always maintain to be original, even though others hates me.  For fashion and trends I may have gotten some inspiration from other people but ever since I started this blog it has molded a name of me with PensandLens and I have worked my ass out to reach that certain peak.

everyone is a QUEEN in her own right…in my case I always believe that I am destined to wear a crown…. (old photo when I was a beauty QUEEN)

don’t mess with me, I have an army of friends who will break you into pieces.

I wasn’t called a Drama Queen for no reason at all, my cousin would used to tease me because I always try to get what I want in just a smashing scream and loads of tears.  And also, I wasn’t called by  my friends the Wicked Queen if I am not mean at all.  If you think I am just over reacting, oh well snap back and think again.  Five of my friends told me the same thing, the  same words, the same style and the same lines. Honestly I  cannot own and say that those are really MY ideas but ever since I started reading V’s post about originality and blogging rights, I am now pretty cautious about the things that I have started in my blog.  I have the right to own what is mine.  Most of my readers knows already what lines I said and some became my favorite quotes.  I am not assuming at all, because in this insane world there is what I call a print screen for us to pinpoint the similarities in a picture. According to Isabeau, maybe the design is forgivable but what that person did to give her self a tap on the shoulder is over the top, you even called yourself a WHAT?

coming soon…

I have to postpone my post about my new site because I had to change my layout and upgrade some stuff in WordPress.  Good thing I am a trainable person, one click about  the CSS details and codes seems like the same html basics for me.  Thank God for Google.

If you click via nothing has really changed but my substitute site PensandLens under wordpress has a new original header made by yours truly.  I have collected some images in the past and thanks to google and istockphoto for these amazing images.

P.S. Sorry for the ranting guys, I think you know how it feels…


12 responses to “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…”

  1. I enjoyed this post in particular. Great writing, quite a unique voice that is assertive but not unlikeable!

    can’t wait to see all that is new!



  2. Well, the same as what you said I wouldn’t be called the “cruel bitch” if I’m not cruel and meaner. I guess my new title right now is the cruel bitch queen.

    To all the other readers, sorry for the words that I might be using…

    Can’t she stick her head deep enough in her ASS to figure what would look good for her site and just be unique in her own way? Imitating someone and giving herself a pat on the back…what the hell!! She claims to be a web designer or a graphic designer, was that? She can’t even come up with her own original thing. Imitating is actually stealing someone’s idea and creation. And stealing is an grave offense.

  3. Coincidentally, I´ve used the same words exactly in my post today! lol! This is a well written post, Sweet. I don´t mind the ranting. 😉

  4. I know how it feels – one time I found a post that was copied word for word (the person even left my twitter name there). Other than that, I don’t think I’ve encountered it online. I have experienced someone trying to imitate me in real life, which was part flattering & part annoying. lol

  5. easy there, tiger. what’s important is you know for yourself that you are unique and original. of course, to a certain degree, you need to prove that to others. but you don’t always have to. there will be haters and they won’t go away. at least you have your friends behind your back.

  6. Good for you, Sweet! You keep on rocking you, there’s no one who can do it better,

    xo, Ashley

  7. while imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery being copied word for word is just plainly, well, irritating. we are all molded differently and you would expect every blog should be different. here’s to your originality and innovativeness and just keep on going 🙂

  8. Looking forward to seeing your changes. And thanks for the shout!

    I know how it feels to wish you could hold your originality to yourself. But copying is the marker of a great persona, I must admit. Still, sometimes it’s frustrating, not flattering. Anyway. Hang in there!


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  10. Love the new design, girly! It can be such a disappointment to see your work copied by someone else, I know. It’s happened to me before and I always feel rather as if something very personal has been stolen from me. Sometimes people don’t know, especially in blogging, that they can’t take things from other bloggers without asking. That’s the trouble – there is no special rule book to read before someone begins blogging. You would think common sense would tell people not to take things, but when a lot of sites offer free website graphics and layouts I guess people get confused. Whenever I see something that was either taken or perhaps a layout that looks a lot like mine I’ll change my things to feel more original – it’s not fair that we should have to change but it keeps our creative juices flowing, right? haha!

    1. I know its just so hard i hate it

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