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Stylish Queen

Welcome back to the Stylish Queen episode.  Since we had our own share of the Little Black Dress, why not experiment with what we call our own Little White Dress.  How impressive is that?  Not everyone can pull off wearing an entire white dress maybe because the color does not flatter all figures but what… Continue reading Stylish Queen

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Here are more photos from the photoshoot and make-up sessions we did before I left Cebu.  More wacky and fun shots and a little glimpse of our house in Cebu. photo session before eating...sorry for the haggard face... CODILLA sisters

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mistytewest x damnvixen

This is going to be the day look.  A bohemian inspired style with a subtle look that is great for everyday use.  Our model Jenine has very nice facial features which is why we do not want to change anything on her natural aura.  Thankful for our two models for being patient with us.  Till… Continue reading mistytewest x damnvixen

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Stylish Queen (Black Edition)

Stylish Queen is bigger than ever before, I am showcasing 9 stylish bloggers who can play with one color.  Can you guess what kind of style are they showcasing? COLOR ME BLACK  Fashion is not simply a matter of clothes. Fashion is in the air, born upon the wind. One intuits it. It is in… Continue reading Stylish Queen (Black Edition)

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of crocodiles and elephants

I have shared with you a little part of Thailand, their festivities and all but I've been dying to post this one.  Remember the 10 year anniversary trip? King and I went out on our trip to visit the wonderful places in Thailand, specifically their floating market, the crocodile farm and their Elephant zoo.  I've… Continue reading of crocodiles and elephants