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When Sweet Travels: The Inflatable Island

Truth be told, Inflatable Island is a hit or miss tourist destination.  If you are an extreme sport fanatic and loves extreme activities then this place is definitely for you.  But if you are a beach lover and in need of a place to chill then probably, don’t expect much. Photos emerged online about the… Continue reading When Sweet Travels: The Inflatable Island



Food trips and cravings are mostly my main source of adventure lately.  I have this insane cravings without minding my weight gain, good thing Cebu has offered me with so many food outlets to choose from.   Lately I’ve been eating American cuisine, Thai food, Filipino food, munch on desserts with my sweet tooth and… Continue reading Cravings


Sunday’s Laughter

  It was a Sunday and I was all prepared for what to wear on an evening concert with my Mom and Lovely, unfortunately my Mom forgot where she put my dress.  I was about to lose my composure and throw in a mood but I kept cool and picked an old dress, matched it… Continue reading Sunday’s Laughter