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Merci Mon Amour

This is was during our Valentine's Date, it was quite, it was romantic and definitely it was just the two of us. I always get butterflies in my stomach every time I see this photo of you looking at me. Being married is not easy but I am glad I am taking this crazy journey… Continue reading Merci Mon Amour

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Marry someone who… (The Ruins)

Marry someone who was never your type. Marry someone who makes you smile for no reason. Marry someone who checks up on you even if you haven’t checked up on him the entire day.   Marry someone who let’s you have that last piece of fries or slice.   Marry someone who laughs at your… Continue reading Marry someone who… (The Ruins)

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30 things to accomplish before I reach 30…

Last night while I was finishing my work and chatting with my good old friend Jhessa.  I realized I wanted to do so many things right now but I do not know where to start, then I finally decided to make a list.  30 things I have to accomplish before I reach 30.  30 sounds… Continue reading 30 things to accomplish before I reach 30…

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a break from fashion shows, news & trends

    This is not related to any Fashion news about the recent Elle Fashion Week.  I just have to let this out in open and speak right from my heart.  Next month I will be turning 25, my marrying age and of course being with a person for almost 10 years is not really… Continue reading a break from fashion shows, news & trends