Multiply or not?

Its funny knowing that I have a thousand photos stored in my multiply account. Now that is closing their socail networking features, I figured why not transfer and download all the photos I have. Yes, when wordpress, blogger and livejournal where alien sites for me, I have poured my heart, adventures and secrets on… Continue reading Multiply or not?

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Bitter October, Sweet November

My mind is twisted and I cannot think properly, not because I got my heart broken by a man but the worst thing happened.  It got broken by a friend, words cannot explain how I feel today and will feel in the upcoming days.  I will never forget how October ended and my November started.… Continue reading Bitter October, Sweet November

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The Bloggerhood of the Travelling Scarf

Last night while I was finishing up some pending documents at work.  I was also busy checking my phone for any twitter updates.  While I was resting my head waiting for my medz to sink in, I decided to tweet about having a Sisterhood/Bloggerhood of the Travelling ___ ( shirt, pants, shoes and etc.)  I… Continue reading The Bloggerhood of the Travelling Scarf