Multiply or not?

Its funny knowing that I have a thousand photos stored in my multiply account. Now that is closing their socail networking features, I figured why not transfer and download all the photos I have. Yes, when wordpress, blogger and livejournal where alien sites for me, I have poured my heart, adventures and secrets on… Continue reading Multiply or not?

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Bitter October, Sweet November

My mind is twisted and I cannot think properly, not because I got my heart broken by a man but the worst thing happened.  It got broken by a friend, words cannot explain how I feel today and will feel in the upcoming days.  I will never forget how October ended and my November started.… Continue reading Bitter October, Sweet November

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The Bloggerhood of the Travelling Scarf

Last night while I was finishing up some pending documents at work.  I was also busy checking my phone for any twitter updates.  While I was resting my head waiting for my medz to sink in, I decided to tweet about having a Sisterhood/Bloggerhood of the Travelling ___ ( shirt, pants, shoes and etc.)  I… Continue reading The Bloggerhood of the Travelling Scarf

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Today is officially December 22, the blog event for all lovers and supporters of my dear blogger friend Kristy.  If you haven't read her blog, you better visit her Vogue Gone Rogue and participate in her Full Time Fabulous blog.  Make sure to leave your sweetest comment, rate it and liked it on Facebook of… Continue reading #TeamKristy


Promote a Friend feature!

These are old photos of mine dated 2007 when I still had my braces on.  Was actually trying to portray Snow White but it actually turned out that I looked like a sweet witch after all.  Hahhahaah! Hi everyone, how was your Tuesday?  I had the most boring Tuesday ever but despite of it, I… Continue reading Promote a Friend feature!