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adSVENture at 1

Sorry this post took a long time, a year late to be exact.  I had a special post for Sven’s birthday last year but it was lost along with my laptop.  My heart was broken because I feel that I have written the most sweetest message for Sven as he turned one, except for the… Continue reading adSVENture at 1

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Eat, Pray and Love…

I've been wanting to do an Eat, Pray and Love Journey for a very long time.  For those who are familiar with the book or has seen the movie, will probably understand what I really want to do with my trip.  I've been pretty exhausted with Law School and life sometimes can be a bit… Continue reading Eat, Pray and Love…

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Sweet Halloween

Its dress up season again and we are finally bidding goodbye to October. Hope everyone is having a halloween blast. I will post a clear halloween costume photo showcase but for now, enjoy the sweet chocolates, candies and all the yummy treats halloween can offer. Here's a mouth watering cupcake to all of you.