Make your Summer at Watsons

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Make your summer however you want it to be during this season of endless adventures and possibilities.  There’s no holding you back now! Not even your fear of skin darkening or showing off your after-holiday tummy can’t stop you from conquering the sunny days!

Watsons’ wants you to stop hiding and create the perfect summer according to your rules.  With all the products available in stores, Watsons surely has something for all the fun activities you’ve got planned so you’re free to do whatever you want without any worries.

Alahoney Velasco - Area Ops Mngr for Vis 1; DJ Rikki of iFM; Karen Fabres; Adelfa De Ramos - Ops Controller for Vismin; Kim Ryes; Precy Hentoloro; Dharell Fontanilla; April Love Inso - S

Kim Reyes - Watsons; Sheena Labor - Kojiesan Sunblock Brand Manager; Karen Fabres; Precy Hentoloro - Watsons Category Manager for Skincare; Dharell Fontanilla - Watsons Mrktng Manager; F

The ultimate goal is to make your summer sexy by flaunting your bikini body for everyone to see with Watsons safe and effective slimming products.  Make it more colorful and fashion forward with all the vivid hair color products they have.  And the most important is making your summer sun-proof and confident anywhere.  Travel by getting protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

I was lucky to join the rest of my Cebu Fashion Bloggers lovies to the Watson’s Make your Summer Campaign and learned about their exclusive treats to their customers.

Visit Watsons now and browse their wide array of products perfect for summer.

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Watsons Make Your Summer Animation

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Guests creating their summer essentials flatlay

Omnibus Products

Be #FlawlessThisSummer


Now that summer has finally arrived and the sun is shining high in the sky, it’s the best time to go to the beach.  But the big question is, are you summer ready?

I’ve been pretty lazy with my exercise regimen, my only excuse is I always get exhausted and I’m way too busy exercising.   But good thing Flawless offers the best packages to get yourself ready in time for summer.  I was first reluctant to try their mesolipo because the injections were pretty scary to even imagine it, but oh boy, the results were amazing.  I already had my first two sessions done and it was the perfect solution for our family getaway because I was able to flaunt my summer body despite the post-partum blues.

And I finally tried their shape and sculpt to bring that sexy mommy back.  Even my husband was pretty impress with the fast results.

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So be ready for summer by visiting your nearest Flawless Clinic and be #FlawlessThisSummer with their hottest services that will help you get beach-ready in no time.  Enjoy escalating discounts of 10% on your fist session, 15% on your second, and 20% on your third on popular services like Waxing, Laser Hair Removal, Beauty Drip, Easy Peel, Nano Powerpeel, Skin Peeling, Mesoestetic, Shape & Sculpt and Body Scrub.

Visit their website: Flawless for more details or by following their social media accounts.

Twitter: MyFlawless , Instagram: @MyFlawless and Facebook Page: Flawless Face and Body Clinic

Sinfully good Carmen’s Best Ice Cream

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Words cannot express how excited I was when I was invited for the media preview for Carmen’s Best Ice Cream.  I was always curious about why this ice cream cost that much and to my surprised I was more interested when I heard that it was “the ice cream that pleased the Pope”.

So how delicious is Carmen’s Best?  Oh boy, I was a little obsessed with every bite and each of their flavors are distinct from each other but the creaminess and density of their ice cream remained in every bite.

It was sinfully good, each flavor brings me back to fond memories and yes definitely straight to sweetness heaven.  This homemade artisanal ice cream, is made the old-fashioned way.  That means, no water, no additives, no mass-producing, pure craftsmanship, which simply explains the price tag.  Every ice cream is made with pure love.

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Can you see how thick, rich and creamy the ice cream is?  It is definitely worth the price.

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The main reason why Carmen’s Best is dense, rich and creamy because they use 100% cow’s milk and cream fresh from their own dairy farm.  They use the finest ingredients available and sources them from all over the globe in order to give us the purest indulgence in every bite.

This is the kind of ice cream that can only come from a true ice cream aficionado-painstakingly created to be the best of the best and trust me when I say that I got a little obsessed with every spoonful.

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They have varieties of flavor but I had to indulge with my favorite Salted Caramel.

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It’s sweeter in Hey Sugar!

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One of my ultimate frustration is not having long and lush eyelashes.  I am a big fan of eyelash extensions, I stopped when I got pregnant because where else will I flaunt my lashes anyway.  But after some time, before 2016 hits to an end, I decided to glam up and get my eyelash extensions from Hey Sugar.

Of course, I’m an avid Hey Sugar client because I always get my eyebrow threaded at their salon and get my high on sugar with their sweet choice of sugar coated wax.

Their newest branch at SM City Cebu recently opened and I was very lucky to be the first to try their services.

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I decided to let my eyelash pop with wow with Hey Sugar’s Frost Me Extension.

I love going to their salon because of their dainty design, the pastel and floral prints were just good for the eyes and it’s pretty cozy inside.

The Frost Me Extension was so quick and easy and the esthetician was very gentle especially when handling the glue part and making sure that my eyelashes would look good with the extensions.

It felt good as well since I was able to take a nap while they were putting on the extensions.

After 45 minutes, viola! Long and gorgeous lashes ready for the new year.  As always, my overall experience with Hey Sugar is always pleasant, not only do they have a cozy ambiance but their staff are always friendly and accommodating as well.

Next visit I will try their Strawberry Swirl, their eyelash perming, but for now let me enjoy batting my eyelashes for the new year.


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Check out Hey Sugar’s Services



Sweet thoughts about 31


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You never go wrong with denims and leather skirts.

Crop Top – Emporium finds

Leather Skirt – Zara

Denim Jacket – Forever21

Sandals – Primadonna

Bag – Prada

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Now that I am officially 31, never in my entire life have I imagined myself slowing down for any reason.  I was always on the go, impulsive in my decisions, changing preferences in life, a rule breaker, taking risks and probably loves to procrastinate most of the time but never slowing down with my dreams and ambitions.

I am constantly chasing my dream but when Sven came, I shifted, I changed and I put all my priorities to rest and told myself that I will make him my number one priority.  I want to be there on his first year growing up.

I’d say my first year being thirty is filled with beautiful memories worth remembering and I am very grateful that I’ve made it this far.  I was blessed to have the most amazing and beautiful pregnancy.  Indeed, Motherhood really changed me, it changed me to become a better person not only for my family and friends; but to my husband and son.  I can say I was the best Aunt to my nephews and nieces but nothing could compare the love you have for your own child.

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My favorite date.

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Adulting is hard but being married and being a mother is tough, you become a complete different person physically, emotionally and spiritually.  But with everything I’ve been through, I came up stronger with no regret at all.

I’ve lived my teenage years enjoying my youth.  My twenties living the life and now as I slow down on my thirties, I am starting to build my dreams not only for me but for my family.  Times always changing and I am glad that I am also a partner for that change.

To everyone who greeted me on my 31st birthday, my heart-filled thank you.  I hate to say this, but I love being 31.



Thank you for the mister for always making my birthday special.