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Honestbee for every Mommy Ways

Technology can be godsend to everyone, I met my husband through an online dating app and I have to thank the power of the most up to date technology that led us to strengthen our relationship despite the distance.  The power of technology has given us a lot of advantages, from paying your bills and… Continue reading Honestbee for every Mommy Ways

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Many are asking how do I maintain my beach wavy hair.  Here's my secret, after taking a shower I don't comb my hair usually I don't put anything, I do not even apply any conditioner.  I dry it out with a towel, caress the hair with my bare hands and put it on a bun.… Continue reading The HAIR

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The water is still hot…

Things are crazy... It has been so warm in Bangkok for the past few days, and everything has been so different since then. This photo was taken during the flood situation in Bangkok. I believe the water is still hot to drench myself and pretending everything is okay, but I know it is not... I… Continue reading The water is still hot…

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When life gives you something to celebrate, you have to give your best shot and enjoy these kind of life.  I was never a complete party goer but it seems having my girls with me gave me an opportunity to enjoy my wild side.  I've been having these constant battle in my head, whether to… Continue reading unfold…

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Life is Sweet… (I got inked!!!)

It took me a week to decide about this, as most of you all know, I am really afraid of needles thus getting inked is out of my bucket list.  But as the saying goes; it takes pain to go through and survive the deepest pain as well.  Out of the ordinary I have been… Continue reading Life is Sweet… (I got inked!!!)