My partner for LIFE.

I always remember hanging around Sun Life Ayala Branch at Cebu Business Park every four in the
afternoon when my mother used to pay for her premiums. Most of the time, I spent most of my afternoon wandering around the office without any idea why my mom always hangs out after
paying at the teller.

She always stayed at Auntie Juliet’s office. Auntie Juliet, has this super bubbly character with perfectly dried hair. Even when she visits our home, their talk never stopped and I never understood what they were talking about… not until I’ve reached college and learned about life insurances.

My mom was always paying my dad’s premium and after a while she decided to get one for herself.
Before graduating from college, she got policies for me and my brothers.

That is why growing up I have always valued the importance of planning ahead.

Securing a solid financial future for my family is what I always dream of but there are uncertainties in life. As my family grew, my life has been filled with so many precious moments. But I know in the long run there may be moments that will be unexpected. That is why I always want my family to be fully protected so I can always provide for myself and for them just like what my parents have been doing for years.

Soon after getting married, I got pregnant, and my husband got promoted in the military.
There were precautions from other insurance agents of not allowing my husband to be part of the policy because of his line of work. Then I aggressively decided not to get one particular plan since my husband cannot be covered. But it was a burden for me since I always got anxious throughout his assignment and I always became uneasy every time he went back to work.

Fortunately, he got an honorable dismissal from the military and we decided to work on starting on
our own business. It was adorable knowing what he had sacrificed for us but eliminating his usual
government salary from the equation made it harder for us to keep up with our finances. That is why from the money we got from his previous work and my small savings, we discussed things with Aunt Juliet and she assisted us with our financial questions.

Meeting her after all these years brought a lot of joyful memories. She gave us a lot of choices and
insights to consider. She laid down all our future plans so that we may think of the longevity of our goals. It was so easy hearing from her knowing that she’s always been our family’s long-time financial partner and not just your ordinary insurance agent.

Picking a policy is very hard, but as Aunt Juliet has advised us, it made our decision-making easier. The plan that was given to us will ensure my family’s future and a plan for our future businesses.
Plus our partnership doesn’t stop here because she always gave sound financial advice through every stage of our family goals. She has even mapped out a better plan for my kid’s bright future.

Now, as our family is growing, I want them to be financially responsible as well. With the help of Sun Life, the leader in the life insurance industry, I can definitely assure that my kids can enjoy their future without worrying about their finances. Hopefully, they, too, will continue the legacy and trust we have given to Sun Life and Aunt Juliet.

If there is one thing I’ve learned through the years of going together with my mom at the Sun Life office, it is the importance of being as best prepared as possible for the things you hope will never happen.

You can to be able to find that financial security for your family in every Sun Life partner as they can help you achieve your financial goals through your lifetime.

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