Be Healthy with Go Well Studios

I always start the New Year with a reflection and while in the middle of my meditation I always find that it is the best time to plan out how I am going to be productive and healthy for the rest of the year.

Now that most of us have adjusted to the “New Normal” and most of our work is spent at home, there is a huge possibility that we may experience burnout, and additional stress even at the comforts of our home. 

Surely the pandemic changed the world and has added more stressors in our lives.  But Sun Life has continued its commitment to help Filipinos live healthier lives with the launch of their premier on-demand holistic wellness platform dubbed as GoWell Studio.

The studio offers top-notch content such as follow-along exercise programs, meditation sessions, various master classes, short courses, as well as healthcare awareness and education.  What is more exciting is that the classes are led by some of the country’s leading fitness coaches, doctors, allied health professional, and educators.

With their roster of experts, the platform let’s Gold Members seek personalized health and wellness advice from the following line-up: GinasticaMark Cupino, Natural Philippines Founder;Anna Manalastas,Bukodon, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor; Filbert Tan, Myotherapist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner; Trisha Buhat, Pilates Coach and Animal Flow Instructor; Neil Salang, Founder of and Modern-day Kriya Yogi; Yeyette San Luis, Sound Healer Coach; Tim Ayson, World Kettlebell Club Strength and Conditioning Coach; Chappy Callanta, AlabPilipinas, UP men’s basketball, and Petrogazz Angels Volleyball team’s Strength and Conditioning Coach; and Andro Amador, Sports Performance Specialist and F45 Functional Strength Coach; among others.

I was very lucky to be one of the Mommies who were given a chance to enjoy and experience the GoWell Studio. 

With the new normal and after giving birth I am still finding my place back to create my daily habits in exercising and fitness.  I admit I always make excuses and I have so many reasons not to take care of my health but with this new platform by Sun Life, I was inspired to create my health goals and push my boundaries not to make excuses to live a healthier life. 

By aligning my goals and daily habits the platform has allowed me now to live the best of my life even in the comforts of my home.  I don’t have to worry about scheduling my time because I can adjust what I want to learn or classes I want to take.

All I needed was a little push and inspiration to get moving that’s why I was giddily happy that I was able to experience the yoga flow class and their meditation sessions, plus followed through with their healthy culinary classes.

It wasn’t awkward while following through my yoga because the audiences I have are my husband and son plus the classes has given me encouragement and confidence to do the session at my own pace.

Sound Healing Class

After awhile making these daily habits of changed made me feel the best of myself. 

I was able to start reflecting on my progress, track what I was eating and the classes I took gave me a lot of lessons to always keep a healthy outlook for the coming days to come.

For a week I was seeing tiny progress and I am happy that GoWell Studio allows Mommies like me to create a healthy lifestyle even when we are just at home.

Those who wish to know more about Sun Life’s health and accident insurance products are encouraged to consult a Sun Life advisor or visit

For more about Sun Life’s health and wellness initiatives, visit and follow @SunLifePH and @GoWellPH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

14 responses to “Be Healthy with Go Well Studios”

  1. Registering Mamsh!

  2. this is so informative thank you for sharing

  3. This is great for busy moms like us

  4. Oh mamsh register na ang gusto yun sound healing

    1. same here nakaka relax talaga!

  5. definitely signing up. Just read this. thanks for the info

    1. Thanks babe, go and balitae mi

  6. be fit mars!!!!!

    1. You can try and register through the Sunlife website.

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