The Ford Ranger Raptor: Beauty and toughness on the road


I’ve been driving our Ford Ranger Wildtrak for years now and I’ve always thought it is one of the best off-road vehicles not until I came across the Ford Ranger Raptor.

The Ford Ranger Raptor offers a superb driving performance.  As a female driver, I can only say that the Raptor boasts of a powerful ride and I think I have fallen in love with its speed and power that can be best felt and tested in off-road environments.  The Raptor gives you the smoothest ride possible even in tough terrains.


It handles any rough roads and provides an easy drive in tough situations. It’s like a big toy with a luxurious feel.  

Driving the Ranger Raptor is like owning the road, as anybody who’ll drive by near you will surely pave way for you to get going.  I love the road presence it exudes, big tyres, wide track, huge grills and a very aggressive stance.

Even in deep sand and muddy roads, you will still feel the ride comfort that only the Raptor can offer. I love how I can hover around because it towers other vehicles as well.


Even if it is a pick-up truck, the Raptor does offer enough legroom and headroom for tall riders.  You will definitely get a pleasing ride because the engine doesn’t bother you at all with a beautifully-made interior.

I’d say the Ranger Raptor can be my husband’s dream truck but that doesn’t mean I can’t wish it to be mine as well.  If I have to choose between our Wildtrak and the Raptor, I wouldn’t mind upgrading to a Raptor with its very well-made ruggedly-finished tough look and luxurious interior and style. Driving the Raptor is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience as it offers a new kind of driving pleasure, plus it makes a stay at home mom look tough on the road.

If you want to test drive the Ford Ranger Raptor, you may reach Ford Cebu dealership via the contact details below:

Contact Person: Ivy Castro

Designation: General Sales Manager

Contact Number: 0917 314 4090


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