Ford Ecosport in a Heartbeat


I vividly remember 11 years ago, I chose a bigger and bolder car, I traded my sedan and bought my first Ford pick-up.  It was a surprise for most of my relatives and friends that I drove a pick-up truck.  

Fast forward to 2018, I finally let go of my old “Freddy” and traded for a brand new Ford Wildtrak one of the top-selling vehicles in Cebu but when I got a chance to test drive and review the Ford Ecosport Trend, I was so thrilled since this SUV is definitely a vehicle perfect for women in general.




First look, the Ecosport is like a mini/crossover SUV but don’t let its appearance disappoint you, because everything in this vehicle spells comfort and ease.  It may not be a luxurious car but its exterior can pass as one.  The car is definitely built for comfort especially for women; no over complicated buttons and settings and it was just an easy dial and pressed button to set everything while driving.



The car’s height is just ideal as well, I didn’t have a hard time getting in and off the vehicle and even if I had to adjust my son’s car seat, it was very easy for me to do so.  The interior space is just enough for a Mom like me who runs errands with her kids in tow.

It is such a great urban vehicle because of its compact design, it is not so big where in parking is no longer an issue because it fits in tight spaces and it’s not so small either, where in driving along busy highways, you won’t get distracted by the huge vehicles tailing beside or behind you.

The seats were very comfortable.  The buttons to adjust the side mirrors were also placed on the right places, plus it was easy to navigate some of its settings.  It even has the right amount of technology which is understandable in a woman’s point of view.






But my most favorite part was how smooth the ride was, even when we had to travel along busy and super rough terrain going around south of Cebu , my son slept all through the trip and I wasn’t bothered as well even when we had to go through a lot of rough roads especially along Carcar City Cebu.

Aside from its physical features what I really love most about Ford in general is their FORD CARE PROGRAM where you are guaranteed 3  to 5 years of warranty, they also have this Preventive Maintenance service every after 12 months or 10,000 km (whichever comes first),for your vehicle which makes you save time and money; plus I can’t wait for their Ford Talisay to open early next year to cater to their southern Cebu clients.

In the end I highly recommend Ford’s Ecosport especially for women and moms who are looking for a highly reliable car; from its features and reliability it is definitely perfect and if given the chance and budget I’d trade for an Ecosport in a heartbeat.

If you want to test drive the Ford EcoSport, you may reach the Ford Cebu dealership via the contact details below:

Contact Person: Ivy Castro

Designation: General Sales Manager

Contact Number: 0917 314 4090



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