Lucky Redline String Bracelet


I have written and vlogged about the wonderful things I’ve experience ever since I started wearing my Lucky Redline String Bracelet. I don’t usually believe in luck or great fortune but there is nothing wrong in believing in your hearts’ desire to embrace positivity in your life.

When you become spiritually contented you will realize that everything will come into place without you worrying about it.

My 2020 started with a bang with numerous of projects that were lining up, it was such a positive start plus I was looking forward to give birth to my little princess. However the pandemic came and everything was in a halt. It was scary since we don’t know until when the lock down or quarantine will take place and our source of income was stopped.

Jul didn’t have work for three months, that means no work no pay, not even any assistance from the Labor’s Department was given to their company. My projects and client’s workload were also put on hold since they are both struggling with paying Freelancers like me.

It was indeed a challenging second half of 2020. But I didn’t loose hope, I was still maintaining my positivity and prayed harder. All our plans for 2020 were postponed but despite of the crisis and challenges, there were just things that gave us strength and everything was provided for us along the way.

Groceries were still provided, bills were paid, there were small projects coming in and slowly everything is going back to normal. While we held with our Lucky Redline String Bracelet wishes, it served as a reminder also that we should always keep a positive outlook in life and everything will be provided accordingly.


The Lucky Redline String Bracelet served as a daily reminder for me to always look forward and not dwell on the negative side of things. Honestly, I do have my own anxiety because of my emotions and hormones but I take one step at a time in dealing with my mental state.

Right now, projects are slowly showing up, clients are back and hopefully in time everything will be provided for us financially, mentally and spiritually.  I never took off my bracelet and I still believe in it’s power.  Ever since 2018 everything was provided for me as I keep my positivity in tact.

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