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With the quarantine period I made use of the different free online courses being offered by our local government and several international schools. I learned about TESDA’s online courses last year and never completed a single course since I was too preoccupied at the farm and my online job.

But ever since the quarantine started and most of my projects online were put on hold, I made use of my free time to finish the courses I started with TESDA’s Online Program.

TESDA’s Online Program offers 68 online training courses such as Automotive, Agriculture, Human Health, Finance, Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition, Food and Beverages, Maritime and other Services.

You do your courses at your own pace and time. At the end of each lessons you have to undergo online activities and pass the exams before you can download the Certificate of Completion as proof that you have finished the online course. You may undergo through physical assessment at the nearest TESDA office closest to your area for physical assessment and to receive your national certificates as skilled learners, especially if you took Automotive, Heating, Cookery, Food Processing, Computer Set-up, Ventilation and Air Condition are among the courses that needs physical assessment.

I just finished my Agriculture Course as “Fruit Grower” in connection while I am currently managing the farm. Even though I know the basics of planting fruit trees but I’ve learned so much especially in handling different conditions of soil, fruit, propagation and more.


So are you ready to enhance your skills and add new credentials to your professional resumes? Here’s how to enroll to TESDA’s Online Program.

1. On the first page of the TESDA Online Program website, look for the LOGIN button.


2. After clicking the LOGIN button, the site will give you the login page, in this page you will see the log in option and registration link. Please click NEW ACCOUNT to confirm that you are applying for an online course.



3. You will be directed to another page and you will see the Registration Form. Please fill out the necessary information correctly.


4. After registering, e-Tesda will send you a confirmation to your email address. Make sure to check your Junk/Spam Folder for the confirmation.


After you have successfully registered, you may now choose the course you want to learn.

Let us all use this golden opportunity to learn something and improve our career prospects.  Remember to Stay at Home and keep safe Sweethearts!!!



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