First Trimester Tips & Remedies

BABY NUMBER 2!!! I think all of you know that we are having a baby!!!! During my first pregnancy I was slacking off with updates on my blog because I was so overwhelmed with the feeling of being pregnant. Plus I am not so sure if I was that confident to share to everyone my experiences because I still don’t know how to handle motherhood, parenting and more.

But with this second experience, I want to document and share what I have learned so far, tips, remedies and stories for all first time moms, second time moms or to all mothers and tell them that they are not alone.

As what I have said over and over again, this pregnancy is totally different from Sven. I had all the pregnancy symptoms and problems, I’ve experienced a rush of emotions, nausea and all sorts of things you feel during your first trimester. It’s like we are back to zero.

I was always bloated, constipated, my food preference changed drastically, I am more inclined to crave for sweets but I can’t eat too much sweets. I felt all the uneasiness, pain on my uterus as it was growing, nonstop peeing, fatigue, dizziness and more.

Morning Sickness is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy but it never happened in the morning, it usually occur at 9pm or 4am in the morning. I would run towards the toilet and just puke everything I just ate.

I experienced the worst migraine and I was sick almost every two weeks. Colds, cough, headache and all sorts of flu like symptoms. My teeth was so sensitive and my gums were bleeding, there was even a time I called up my cousin who was a dentist and told him I want to extract all my teeth hahahahah!

I had so many deadlines to finish but all I can feel was the extreme exhaustion, I just wanted to sleep and lie down. I stopped walking around the farm because I easily ran out of breathe and get dizzy.

Worst part was my mood swings, my husband find me the weirdest person around because I tend to get angry at small stuff. I even get irritated when Sven is too noisy and unruly but as always I wanted to keep my cool because I do not want him to feel left out with this pregnancy.

I gained weight triple or four times my pre pregnancy body. I lost a lot of weight when I was on my plant-based diet but everything came back when I was pregnant. My boobs have been extremely tender and sore and I had to wear an extender at this early stage of my pregnancy.

Skin rashes and allergies are my main problem because I am having eczema attacks on my underarm and neck. There are times that I can’t help but scratch these areas until I bleed. Good thing I have my rescue balm and eczema ointment to pacify the itchiness.

This pregnancy has been such an exciting, restless, crazy journey but I am so happy I have an amazing support system from mommy friends, from my readers, family who have gone through the same problems I am having. That is why I am writing this post with an intention to share and pay forward what I have learned so far.

Now I am sharing to you some items that I’ve been using in helping me ease my nausea, constipation, eczema, morning sickness and etc. I’ve already uploaded a video about this on my YouTube Channel but I would love share it as well on my main blog.

Things that have helped me with my first trimester problems.

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  • PoySian Inhaler. I got this from Thailand and this has been my life saver every time we travel from Cebu to Carcar. When the ride gets bumpy this serves as my oxygen. It’s eucalyptus scent relieves my dizziness and headache.
  • Mint Balm. Aside from PoySian, I’ve always carried my minty balm with me to ease heavy migraines or aching muscles. It’s minty ingredient always leaves a cool effect on my temples and aching muscles.

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  • Sleep & Relaxation Salve. I received this as a gift from Favori but ever since it has become my favorite sleeping companion. If I am not drowned with fatigue, I usually get insomnia and can’t sleep that is why I get to put the salve on my temple and around my neck because it’s calming ingredient helps me sleep soundly at night.
  • Vicks. I’ve told you that I’ve been sick every two weeks and I am not such a great person to be with when I get colds and cough. Since I can’t take Vitamin C or any medication, I always make sure that I have my Vicks Vaporub handy for my colds and cough. It eases the clogged and runny nose plus it helps me sleep at night too.
  • Lemon/Honey Candy. Of course when traveling I need candy to ease my morning sickness, especially when I need something to change the preference of my taste buds. So far the Lemon, minty and cool flavor keeps my nausea in control.

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  • Rescue Balm. For my Eczema scars and other itchy areas on my body.
  • Elica or Momate Ointment. Helps pacify the itchiness at night. so that I won’t be scratching it until it bleeds. 🙂
  • Water. To keep my hydrated but I drink in moderation because it makes you bloat if you drink it in one gulp.
  • Fruits & Vegetables. Are my primary source of vitamins, protein are from meats and beans. I am on and off with my plant-based diet because I always check my pregnancy taste preference.

Now that we are in a welcoming mood for our Jellybean; Jul, Sven and I are overjoyed to share this experience with everyone. It’s been such a beautiful and surreal experience all over again.

We just entered the first phase of our second trimester and I am so happy that all the nausea and morning sickness has subside. I can’t wait to enjoy more about this pregnancy. Wehehehe!

24 weeks to go before we meet our Jellybean!

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