Confessions of my second pregnancy


I always thought I was so good in understanding my reproductive system which includes a good comprehension about my menstrual cycle.

We were not really planning to get pregnant since we have bigger plans in mind for our family but I guess the switch to a healthy lifestyle created a balanced and healthy body for me to become fertile and get pregnant the second time around.

Four months ago, I was so busy and caught up with workloads that I missed tracking my period, or shall we say I literally got confused hahahaha! I continued with my daily routine until I fell short with my plant-based diet. It happened so fast that my food preference changed.

I was craving so many things only thinking that probably it was just PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) talking. I was lazy, bloated, irritable and I loathe myself for looking so stressed and ugly. My friend Isabeau, who visited me in the farm noticed there was something wrong with my aura. I was just too emotional watching movies, videos of babies & families and even my husband messaged me because he had sensed that something was wrong with me.

Not until I realized I missed my period already but I was ultimately in denial and told myself, maybe I was just so stressed out from the farm, family life, my backlogs and planning out for our big move.

Jul insisted that I should take a Pregnancy Test, I told him I will do it after one more week because I was still hoping my period will eventually start.

So the time came I bought the test and tested it right away. I was still hoping it to be negative because I just don’t know how to reshuffle our plans for next year. But seeing two lines made me stop and thought deeply, how far along was I? I tried to backtracked my period to know exactly how far I was but I can’t seem to remember getting the exact dates of my last menstrual period.

Honestly speaking, it was such an exhausting week, I was always away with my deep thoughts, not working, missing deadlines and just re-organizing our plans.

After a few days I told my husband and he had the exact reaction. It doesn’t mean we were not thrilled of having a second child, we are happy and blessed to bear another one, it was just the timing was a bit off. Both of us were completely lost into our deep thoughts during our first doctors appointment. We were just holding hands trying to figure things out.

Our plans just changed and we had to rethink our next steps. We talked after knowing that the baby is safe and doing great, we discussed about our next plan and made a huge changed. We then decided to put our plan first on hold until the baby is born but while waiting we will slowly process everything so that hopefully there will be a smooth transition for our family.

We don’t only have a Plan A now, but we have a Plan B, C and D. This time around we are bringing in the big guns into our plans because this is a different path our family is going to take and it would definitely take a huge leap of faith.


So there you go guys, amidst all the excitement that we felt after re-aligning our plans, we were able to finally welcome our Jellybean with a welcoming mood. We don’t really know what our future holds but we are hoping for a bigger and brighter one for our family.  So I guess this is another chapter of our motherhood and parenting story.  See you around on my next post and I do hope I get to share more stories about pregnancy with you soon.




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One response to “Confessions of my second pregnancy”

  1. Oooh spot on kaau among visit ni Maui! We have mini mes now. Struggles of a modern day career woman/mommah is real na real! Im happy I have a friend who goes through similar things right now. Late na bay ko sa train ehhehe hugs and kisses!

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