I let Sven wear a dress for Halloween

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Giving your child the freedom to do whatever they want to do doesn’t make you a bad parent but in the eyes of others you are that kind of parent who doesn’t care because you weren’t particularly concerned about your child.

As our child grows older all we ever wanted for them is to enjoy their childhood and let them grow happy with their own decision making without any restrictions at all. Of course I am the disciplinarian in our family, I always end up sitting down with Sven and explain to him about what is right or wrong. There maybe times that my temper is being challenged but I always end up regretting it and never have I judged my son’s capacity to comprehend everything going on around him, he is very smart that I certainly know.

Last Halloween, we were dressing up with our own costumes and he ended up choosing his Giraffe jumpsuit because it still fits him, he is the type of person who doesn’t care about getting new stuff, he said “Mommy, don’t buy new costume because I still have my giraffe shirt.”  I guess we raised him well to be satisfied with what he has.  But when my sister-in-law and her sister were dressing up, Sven came in and saw them wearing their dresses, he saw an old dress on our closet and said “this is for girl Mommy”. I immediately said “No, not only for girl Langging. You can wear it if you want?” He looked at it and went outside.  But after a few minutes he came back and pulled down his pants and said “I also like Mommy, like Auntie Tats for Halloween.”

I was about to burst into laughter but that might give him a different interpretation about wearing a dress, so we remained calm and dress him up.  I never told him that it is only for girls, I’ve been wanting to raise Sven without any gender constraints and it is just so funny how some were teasing him but Sven still doesn’t understand the word “Bayot” not even “Bading” so I just shrugged it off and told him he looks great with the dress.  Even my husband didn’t react at all but I saw how he was surprised but he willingly hugged Sven.

While they were taking photos, he joined in the fun before he decided to take it off because it was already raining and the dress was already drenched in water hahahahah!

Processed with VSCO with  preset

So you see, fellow Mommies and Daddies, please please please never prohibit your child to make their own decision. Give them the freedom to do whatever they want as long as you assure them that you will guide them through out their decision making.

Sven is born with a male genitalia but we never classified his toys, all his stuff based on any gender. I let him play with a pink car, yellow watering cans, orange and purple socks and even let him choose Captain Marvel among all the Avengers toys inside the mall.

He can play with guns, wear capes and call himself as one of Spidermans’ friends. He adores Paw Patrol, plays cards and even plays basketball.

We are showing him to accept what ever he likes to be, he can play with whatever toy that he wants. I want him to grow well and knows how to express his feelings because
I do not want to restrict his choices now and not even in the future because the problem are not the pink toys, girly stuff or dressing up but the bullies and judgmental persons who will never understand him.  I want him to grow confident in his choices and especially with his self.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

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