Universal Studios Singapore Family Guide


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Looking back at my first trip to Singapore and my experience at the USS for the first time, I can still vividly remember how we were rushing from one attraction to another since we were part of a travel tour and our van needs to pick us up at 4:00 pm.

So when we went there with Jul and Sven, I really made sure not to engage with another travel agency so that we can take our own pace and time going around the park.  Universal Studios isn’t that big since you can actually see everything in a day.  I made sure that we go there on a Friday and not on a busy weekend like Saturday or Sunday.

We woke up early, pump up and ready for our first day, we had our breakfast at a near hawker food centre near our hotel and rode the MRT from Farrer Park and alighted at Harbourfront, we went inside Vivo Center and went up where their food area is located and purchased tickets going to Sentosa.

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Universal Studios is on the other side of Singapore where it’s part of all the attractions inside Resorts World Sentosa.  We rode the Sentosa Train from Vivo City and got off at Waterfront Station.

Unlike my first experience in Singapore, our tickets were purchased by the travel agency who took care of our itinerary however this time, I was the one who made our DIY Itinerary and made sure we purchased all our tickets ahead of time.


I booked our tickets through Klook and got a discounted ticket compared if you buy it at the entrance of Universal Studios, also after booking through their mobile app, we got instant confirmation via email so I was able to keep track of all our tickets through my phone.

The entrance was just a breeze, we skipped the long queue and went inside without the hassle, we never printed out our tickets as well since they can scan the barcode using your phones.

Universal Studios Singapore is composed of seven theme areas: (Madagascar, Far Far Away, Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, New York and Hollywood).  We laid down their map and I let Sven and Jul decide where to go first, of course Sven had to pick Madagascar as our first zone.

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Each zone has their own rides, shops, restaurants and different attractions, so when we went to Madagascar, we then rode our Madagascar ride which Sven enjoyed a lot.

We then followed through a 4d movie experience at the Far, Far, Away Zone took a short break before entering the Lost World.

We didn’t ride anymore after our Madagascar ride we just made sure we come in time for the Waterworld show.

I really wanted to see the show with Sven and Jul because I know for sure, Sven will love the combat and get entertained with the fight scenes from the show.  When we entered the Lost World, we took photos first and had our lunch after an hour of waiting and relaxing we then lined up for the 1:30pm show.




Right after the show we had a chance to meet the tiny dinosaurs inside the incubators, which became the highlight of Sven’s USS experience, he loves dinosaur and he didn’t miss the chance of holding one.  We looked at each meet and greets schedule but miss some characters a long the way.  We even stopped for another hour since Sven took his afternoon nap.  It gave us time to change our clothes since we were sweating the entire day.

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If you are looking for intense rides, they have the Transformers ride, we were just entertained looking at the people shouting and enjoying the thrill.  We were not really into roller coasters but we always enjoy watching them shout their hearts out.

We slowed down while walking around New York, we took a lot of photos since Sven was still napping.  It was such a chill afternoon.  When Sven woke up we were on time to watch the Sesame Street show.

It’s always a fun experience especially when you have a kid who now understands and enjoys all the attraction.   After we finished visiting all the zones, we headed straight back to our hotel and rested for another adventure the next day.

Universal Studios Singapore is really for everyone but it’s always fun to spend the best of USS with your family.

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How to get to Universal Studios Singapore:

From the city:

  • Take the train to Harbourfront Station.  Enter Vivo City and go to their 4th floor, purchase a Sentosa Fun Ticket for $4 SGD and take the Sentosa Train.  Alight at the first stop which is the Waterfront Station.  From there follow the signs which will lead you to the entrance to Universal Studios Singapore.

Opening Hours:

  • 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily

Ticket Prices:

Adults (13-59) $75 SGD / Php 2,850

Children (4-12) $54 SGD / Php 2,075

Children (0-4) FREE

But if you purchased through Klook you get big discount, get your tickets online through their Klook website or through their mobile app.

Klook Exclusive Universal Studios Singapore Ticket (1 Day Pass)

  • Klook Exclusive for Mobile Users: Show your USS ticket on the Klook app to enjoy a free shuttle service to Resorts World Sentosa! For more information, please refer to the How To Use section
  • Go beyond the screen and Ride The Movies™ at Universal Studios Singapore™. Experience cutting-edge rides, shows, and attractions based on your favorite blockbuster films and television series!
  • Book your Universal Studios Singapore 1 Day Pass and have an enjoyable day for all, to entertain the young (and the young at heart!)
  • Enjoy VIP access to the rides and shows with a Universal Studios Singapore™ VIP Tour Experience
  • Enjoy easy and convenient transfers from your hotel in the city with a Universal Studios Singapore transfer
  • Enjoy convenient and affordable transportation into Sentosa by purchasing a Sentosa Express Ticket!
  • Read Klook’s Universal Studios Singapore guide to discover how you can maximize your day out at the park!
  • Don’t want to queue? Purchase your Universal Studios Singapore™ Express Pass today!

Also with Klook tickets, you get free credits when you complete an experience.

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Family Tips:

  • Go to Universal Studios Singapore before it opens at 10:00 am so that you can be the first to enter the park and take photos with lesser crowd.
  • Make sure to grab a Studio Map so that you will get familiarise with the shows, meet and greets and the location of your first attraction.
  • If you are traveling with an infant or toddler it would be best to bring with you a stroller but there are also strollers and wheelchairs for rent inside the park.
  • The weather is hot and humid, so make sure to wear comfortable and breathable clothes.
  • Wear sunscreen and make sure to wear hats or sunnies to protect yourself from the rays of the sun.
  • Bring with you a water bottle to hydrate yourself, there are a lot of refilling stations around the park.
  • Also bring a small fan to keep your toddler cool because sometimes it gets hot when you are waiting for an attraction or a ride.
  • Being in USS means you have to walk a lot, make sure to wear comfortable pair of shoes.
  • When you want to take the rides, make sure to check the queue time board so that you can estimate how long you will be waiting in line.
  • If you want to minimise your waiting time inside USS, you can always purchase the USS VIP Tour Experience which is also available through Klook and enjoy VIP access to the rides and shows with a Universal Studios Singapore™ VIP Tour Experience
  • Bring small snacks especially when you have a toddler with you.  Nestle Nutripuff was our life saver especially when Sven wants to take a treat or quick snack.
  • If you don’t want too much crowd inside the park, make sure to visit Universal Studios Singapore on a weekday.

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SHREK 4D – it’s not a ride but it is an amazing cinematic experience.  Sit back and enjoy the original 3d film with a lot of surprising bumps, jumps, bounces, water and air blasts that really bring the action to life.

WATER WORLD – this is an action packed show full of thrills and spills just a gentle reminder for children who are afraid of explosions and guns shots since this show is full of explosives and death defying stunts.

CHARACTER MEET UPS – is a fun way to meet your favourite character and take photos with them.  Don’t forget to grab the timetable so that you will know what time to meet your favourite characters in real life.

Plus these attractions which we really missed since we came on a weekday.  These special activity is available on the weekends only.

You can catch the Lake Hollywood Spectacular: a beautiful fireworks display that takes every Saturday at 8pm in the Hollywood Zone.

Also the Hollywood Dreams Parade every Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays at 5pm in the Hollywood Zone.

Don’t forget to watch our Universal Studios Singapore Vlog below, please subscribe.




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