No budget for Valentine’s? Husbands EYES HERE!


Shopping on a budget for Valentine’s Day? I’ve read some comments on Facebook and other social media channels that  husbands are having a hard time picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because their money is in the control of their wives, or they don’t have much budget to surprise their wives.

We know that most men needs thorough instructions in terms of surprises and sweet stuff, they always think that we need all these material stuff.  It even took my husband a couple of tries until he was able to understand what I really wanted.  So to our beloved husbands if you don’t have any idea of what to do for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day eyes here and read thoroughly.

  1. Start with a simple note on post-it and put it somewhere your wife can see when she wakes up in the morning.
  2. Another post-it at the kitchen where she can read it when she’s preparing for breakfast.
  3. One post-it hidden in her bag or jacket if she’s going to work.  If she’s a stay-at-home mom, hide them on her closet so that she can see it right away when she gets a change for the day.
  4. Record a Valentine’s greeting secretly and send it in the middle of the day, trust me it will really make her smile like crazy.
  5. Look for an old photo of the both of you and send it to her, you can edit it with free photo editors on your phone and design with heart shape stickers. Editing only takes less than 5 minutes. 🙂
  6. You can look for more photos and make a short slideshow with her favourite song, you can send it to her or post it and tag her if you are a vocal person. Nothing is impossible since we have Facebook for your couple photos. 🙂
  7. Look for an old movie that the both of you like and prepare to watch it with your wife when you get home.  If it’s age appropriate you can tag along your kids on your movie night. 
  8. Write a letter to your wife but what if you have nothing to write?  Pretty simple, open google and look for romantic quotes for your wife, her favourite lyrics, favourite movie quote or anything sweet for her.  Even if you cannot write your thoughts for her but a representation of these quotes is enough plus you’ve made an effort in writing it on your own, that’s what counts the most.
  9. Not a fan of writing stuff but talented enough to draw? Draw something that will describe your feelings for your wife, your happiness with your family or a representation of your marriage, if you can’t draw but can sing then much better, have you heard of the word “harana”.
  10. Lastly, when both of you are home, after all the chores, workloads, you can always give your wife the sweetest hug and kiss then secretly play your couple song and dance just like your newlyweds in your living room or bed room. These are precious moments more important than roses and chocolates.


Yes we’d love for your to give us the grandest gift and gesture when it comes to surprises but if the budget is tight these simple but sweet surprises will mean everything for us rather than ignoring the day because of so many excuses you can think off.  Above all the expensive roses, gifts, jewelries, dinner dates, get aways, it’s the little things that counts and it’s your marriage that matters the most.  So always remember never forget to bring that spark. 🙂




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