Cutting veggies with Sven


As a preschool teacher before I had my fair share of mind boggling activities, it was a constant struggle of what to do next and how to keep them engage at school.

Now as a mom, I have all the freedom to do activities with Sven, testing the waters first whether he likes one activity or not.  For me, toddlers learn best through active play and I’ve discovered that some activities will help them develop their motor skills and senses.

One of my favourite activity is exploring food with him.  Exploring different kinds of food, fruits and vegetables at our dining table has many benefits.  This allowed Sven to use and learn his five senses while exploring colors, names of fruits and vegetable.

I’ve seen activities like this through my fellow mom Paula and realised my fear of keeping Sven off the kitchen should not hinder my love for him to learn new stuff.  At the age of 2 he was willing to help out every time I cook, he would stand still beside the kitchen counter and observe my movements.  So after seeing parents who allow their child help out in the kitchen I was open to the idea of letting Sven touch some of the kitchen items.

We started off with a plastic knife from fast-food take-outs until I decided to let him use our bread knife.


Just recently we bought him his first vegetable cutter and chopping board and ever since then we started cutting vegetables or fruits as our afternoon past time. Oh I love how he can sit still and finish cutting them.

Fellow parents my advise is that we shouldn’t be scared to start our child early with prepping and chopping.  By starting this early they’ll gain confidence in the kitchen and enhance their motor skills and senses.  It is also a great opportunity to spend time together as a bonding session.

At Sven’s age, he is very confident in cutting vegetables and fruits.  He helps me out in washing his utensils too.  Of course I will always get comments such as “Be careful, he might get hurt!” or “He might sliced his fingers” but please understand that I wouldn’t let Sven do these activities if he is not ready for it.

So happy chopping Mommies and Daddies!


We bought the vegetable cutter and chopping board from SM Seaside Department Store at their kitchen department.




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