Explore: Bataan Nuclear Power Plant


The controversial Bataan Nuclear Power Plant has been an interesting topic for many netizens in the Philippines.

Completed back in the 1980’s and costing billions of money, the Power Plant never achieved its main goal of generating electricity for the Philippines.  It has remained a non-working power plant in our country, it should have been the solution of our country’s electrical woes but the entire plant went to nothing because of the controversies that surrounded it.




After departing from Las Casas in Bataan we were able to pass by Morong Bataan and saw a huge billboard about the Power Plant.  Out of curiosity my brother and husband decided to drive up to the gates to see what the nuclear plant looks like.  It was a guarded facility; from the gate we asked if we can enter but later on learned that we have to secure an appointment or reserved a guided tour before we will be granted access to the facility.  My husband talked to the officers on duty and after a few minutes we were granted access and being escorted inside the plant, the drive was three kilometres from the main gate.

Since we did not have prior reservation there were no tour guides available and we were not able to tour inside the main plant but the employees were very kind to assist us with our questions and concerns.  Since 2014 the plant opened to the public as a tourist spot but my brother was very proud to get inside the facility.  He has high hopes that someday the plant will be operational and once it is going to be operational the public will no longer be allowed to gain access even for educational tours that’s why he’s taking pride of being one of the person who was able to entire the complex.



The structure is still intact and sturdy, the plant is well-maintained and photos of what is inside the plant shows the facility is cleaned and properly maintained.  The entire complex was very quiet, it was such a surreal feeling being in the complex alone.  All we did was take photos from afar and gather information from the employees.  While observing the entire plant I was filled with pride for our country and hoping that one day this will be operational to help our country’s electrical dilemma.  it is something we should take pride in.

If you plan to visit the plant, please call in advance to gain access and a guided tour.  It would have been wonderful if we were able to actually see what is inside the plant but hoping someday we can go back and take a closer look inside the facility.



How to reach the Power Plant:

Private Transportation

  • From Subic, take the SBMA-Morong Road, you can see billboards that will lead you to the facility, the 50 kilometre trip will lasts for more than an hour.
  • From Bagac Town follow the signages on their zigzag road, it will take 20-30 minutes before you can reach the main gate.

Public Transportation:

  • From Subic, you take a shuttle or bus going to the town of Bagac, tell the driver that you will be going down at the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant
  • If you are from Balanga, take a jeepney or shuttle going to Morong and tell the driver that you will be getting off in the Power Plant

Admission: 100 – Entrance Fee

Contact Info:

Ma. Corazon Baluyot

Mobile: 0921-3713865 /Tel Number: (+632) 9245313

National Power Corporation

BIR Road corner Quezon Avenue

Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Tel. Nos.: (632) 921-3541 / Fax No.: (632) 921-2468


Mr. Francis Joseph dela Cruz

Greenpeace South East Asia

Room 301 JGS Building, #30 Scout Tuason Street,

1103 Quezon City, Philippines

Tel: +63-2-3321807/ Fax:+63-2-332-1806

email: info.ph@greenpeace.org

Website: Greenpeace Philippines




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