Red String Lucky Redline


Chinese New Year is up and coming and even though I only have 5% chinese blood but yearly tradition never hindered my mom to celebrate the festivities as we welcome another auspicious year into our lives.

I was never a fan of all the lucky traditions but as I grew up and became a parent myself, I suddenly thought of buying all the good luck charms and believing in its power.

I always wanted my energy change that’s why I always look at the brighter side of things.  I don’t usually dwell on negativity and sadness.  The only lucky charm I had these past few years was a jade bracelet but ever since I gave birth to Sven, I stopped wearing it. I then decided to wear it again and bought a new bracelet that will protect me from all the negative energies in my life.  I bought a red string bracelet which we called the Lucky Redline.

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The Lucky Redline is a lucky charm that protects and grant the wishes of the wearer.  It is widely accepted in Buddhist, Hindu and also in the traditions of Kabbalah, also in Christianity and Chinese as well.  The redline bracelet serves as protection and works wonders in the spheres of life, love, prosperity, positivity, wealth, abundance and faith.

Even celebrities and all people from all walks of life have been using this lucky charm.  It brings fate and binds people with their soulmates through thick and thin which I have been believing ever since I was 15 see my red string of fate post here.  The lucky redline allows divine blessings, fortune, well-being to the bearer.  It invites luck, love, healthy and wealth into the bearer’s life.

It was a perfect birthday gift to myself and I do not know if it’s the power of our brain that works wonders or my enthusiasm and positivity when I started wearing the redline.  But ever since I’ve worn the lucky redline my daily feeling is always light and bright.  It has ward off jealousy, negativity and evil energy of other people towards me.

While wearing the redline I always feel positive and happy and probably because of my positive outlook it started to rain with so many blessings, such as projects, collaborations, new clients and I was always be reminded to provide help and love to all the people around me.

It served as my daily reminder to think positive and be positive in everything.  I never took it off, even when I have to swim and take a shower.

It is said that when the bracelet falls off, it is believed that the bracelet has absorbed all the negative energies in your life and has served its purpose.  And sadly, my bracelet fell off two weeks ago, I felt sad but I think it has absorbed all the evil and negative energy people are throwing towards me.

I am waiting for my second redline bracelet but I still feel good about everything, little bumps here and there but it didn’t falter my positivity in life.  I guess the redline has helped me achieved and found that positive chakra in my life.

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Joy says:

    Ok lang po ba maba$a ito ng tubig ? O hindi tanggalin kahit maligo?

    1. SweetVSelma says:

      Hi Joy so far hindi ko sya tinatanggal kahit maligo. Left side sya. 🙂

      1. Marjorie Buray says:

        Ma’am beautiful may kaibigan ako may ganyan kaya search ko dito kong ano ba ang Red line lucky bracelet kaya nakita ko to, sayo, pero yong sa kaibigan ko bawal daw basain ng tubig yun sabi sa binilhan niya, pag maligo daw at mag laba o mag hugas pinggan need daw po tanggalin? Salamat po.

  2. Hi, available pa po yung redline bracelet? how much? thanks 🙂

    1. SweetVSelma says:

      Hi Lyrra yes, I still have extra redline. it’s 750 it includes free shipping and COD/COP

    2. SweetVSelma says:

      Hi Lyrra, yes we still have available Red String Bracelet available.

    3. Marjorie Buray says:

      Hello beautiful im Marjorie Buray
      Can i ask if its fine if the red line bracelet not taken out if i go to shower or wash clothes or washing dishes? Because my friend here have that Redline lucky bracelet, but i wonder she said its can’t wet a water if she go to shower she fake it off because it not good to wet it the water? Thank you for your help.

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