Time Travel at Las Casas



Travel back in time to Old Philippine’s glory days.  Since opening to the public, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac has been one of the Philippine’s top tourist place to visit.

The entire compound houses and features different Spanish heritage houses that were scouted from the different regions of the Philippines.  It is an open air museum that tells about the rich history of our country.  

I am an old soul and love anything with a vintage twist on it, my eyes were amazed from all the beautiful and intricate details of each houses and architecture.




We were supposed to rent an entire house but someone was able to book before us, so we planned of doing a Day Tour instead but when we arrived we were lucky that there were still available rooms for us to stay for the night.  We then decided to get a room since it will be more practical and easier also it’s a great advantage when we can take our tour for the afternoon and explore the rest of the compound the next day.

From the services being offered, the staff, the room and common areas everything was on point.  The hotel is perfect for big groups or families since your stay is very educational especially for your kids too.  It’s great if they can immerse into our country’s history and culture.  There were also swimming pools available for an afternoon or early morning swim with your kids.

And if you are a fan of the beach, their long coast line is the best place to run around with your kids especially when you have a growing toddler in tow.

With their current prices, I can guarantee you that their tour is really worth the price.

  • Weekday Heritage Tour costs Php 1,850.00
  • Weekend Heritage Tour costs Php 2.500.00 
  • Tours are conducted every hour starting from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

The Heritage Tour includes a walk through on our history.  You will be guided with a storyteller that tells you the beautiful tales about Las Casas.  Each tour takes about an hour of walking around the property and into each remarkable houses.  

You should wear comfortable clothes and bring umbrellas or hats.  A bottled water will be provided with a cold towel and a map for the entire tour and don’t forget to wear sunscreen. 🙂

Additional Tours that are not included in the package are the following:

River Tour – a tour around the property through a Balsa which resembles the gondola rides of Venice.  It is like surrounding yourself with the presence of brick walls and arched bridges that makes the whole experience an intimate and romantic one.

Hotel de Oriente Tour – step into the first luxury hotel in the Philippines and experience how to be part of the Filipino elite during the colonial era.



Accommodations at Las Casas may be a bit expensive but if you are going on a Day Tour and you are a group of five it is very practical to get a room and stay for the night, plus the accommodation includes breakfast, a Heritage Walking Tour, Wifi Access, Tramvia Ride, Free hop and off on their Jeepney within Las Casas grounds, use of the swimming pool and beach area.

They also have cultural performances each night for their hotel guests.

We were supposed to get Casa Binondo 2 since we want to have our own vintage room but someone booked before us online, that’s why we got whatever is available when we arrived at Las Casas.  The room was their Large Superior Deluxe which is good for 4 adults and 2 kids which costs 10,500 for the weekends and 9,100 for the weekdays.

Since we were five staying, there was an additional charge for the excess. So in the end we paid almost 13,000 for an overnight stay which was pretty practical for the entire trip because it already includes the Day Tour and breakfast.

Price comparison between getting only a Day Tour or to stay overnight at Las Casas.

  • Day Tour price for 5 person. (Weekend rate) Php 2,500.00 x 5 =  Php 12,000.00
  • Overnight stay for 4 person. Superior Deluxe Rate (Weekend rate) Php 10,500.00 + 2,000 for the excess = Php 12,500.00

We were so tired from our Heritage Tour that we forgot to take photos of what’s inside the room hahahahaha!

The rooms were definitely worth the price, it is super beautiful and the interiors were jaw dropping plus we had the most relaxing sleep.

How to get to Las Casas:

Ride a bus in Cubao (5-Star/Genesis) to Balanga, Bataan (2-3hrs ; P200). Alight in Balanga Terminal. On the same terminal, ride a jeep going to Bagac (1hr ; P50). Ask the driver if he can take you directly to Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar for an additional P25. If not, alight in the junction going to the resort and hire a tricycle to take you there (P100/Tric for 4pax).

While for us, we came from Bataan so it was pretty easy for us to get to Las Casas.  However we had a hard time going back at night since the roads were a bit dark.  We went outside the compound to have our dinner since the food inside the hotel is a bit expensive. 

Over all our experience at Las Casas will always be one for the books and we would definitely go back.  My mom even wants to tag along on our next trip. Check out our Las Casas Video on my You Tube Channel.

Visit Las Casas Filipinos website to book your rooms and know more about their tours. You may visit their Instagram and Facebook page for more updates.






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