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TechnoPop has finally opened in Cebu and I can’t hide my excitement when I visited their store.  I am not a full technical person but I know my gadget needs and wants, plus as a mother I’m very happy I can shop for family friendly gadgets at their store.

So here are my Top 10 favourite items, this will surely help, mommies and daddies pick fun items for Christmas.


  • Portable & Wireless USB Electric Juice Blender – a lightweight, one piece, portable blender which makes it very convenient for parents to provide healthy shakes for their kids.  It’s not only for your kids juices and smoothies but even parents can make their own power smoothie to fuel their pre or post workout meals.


  • Augmented Reality Cards – these animal cards are great for your kids.  It is a fun way for them to learn different kinds of animals and species.  Sven was so delighted to see a snake come to life and a buzzing bee flying as if it is about to come out of the screen.


  • Prestige Ring Light – this is best for beauty bloggers or mommies like me who wants to look flawless in their selfies.  The ring light is very useful for beauty shots, portraits or even to give you a great lighting while working on something.


  • Prestige 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Smartphones – want to get a smooth shot for your videos?  This handheld gimbal has several operating modes which creates a smooth 3-axis shot for your video.  Now you don’t have to worry about shaky videos that are just too difficult to watch.


  • Supremo 4k Plus – ever wanted to get an action camera but your budget won’t allow you? Say hurray to the Supremo 4k Plus Sports Action Camera.  Capture life’s adventure in fun vivid colours using this action camera’s genuine Sony IMX Sensor plus it takes 4k videos without compromising the quality of your shots.


  • Ergonomist Laptop Table – perfect for those who wants to work in bed or on your sofa.  This laptop table helps you with your posture and lessens your back pain while working and you get to work in the comforts of your home.


  • Bundle pack Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser plus 5 pack of Aroma Essential Oil – most diffusers and essential oils are pretty expensive but it’s a great thing TechnoPop offers a bundle pack for Mom’s like me.  These bundle pack is the perfect way to convert your home or room into an aromatherapy spa, you get to refresh and relax in the comforts of your home.


  • Jaguar Powerbank – is the most affordable, featured packed power bank with real capacity.  Now you don’t have to worry about not getting through a status update or a message to your loved ones.  This power bank is compact and so convenient to use.


  • Sembrandt Sounder – perfect gift for father’s this Christmas.  Despite of it’s affordable price, this soundbar guarantees premium quality sounds and with German Engineering you are confident you are getting a reliable brand for your budget.


  • Ulysses IP Camera – of course as a parent, when you have to do errands and leave your child at home with the care of a nanny, a friend or a family member, all you want to feel is ease and relief that your child is safe.  With Ulysses IP Camera you can livestream and see your child’s current updates in 720p clear HD Videos and wide-angle lens.  It even takes crystal clear footages even at night or in dark places.

There you go guys! Go ahead and plan your Christmas Shopping at any Technopop Branches.  They still have a lot of items and product offering that will surely suit your budget and needs.

For my Cebu readers, you may check these items personally at their Technopop Cebu branch.  They are located at the Maze, 3rd floor, Ayala Center Cebu.

Check out Technopop’s Instagram and Facebook for the latest promotions and updates.




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