Pop District Bazaar Holiday 2018




Looking for something fun and family friendly to do over the upcoming week? Celebrate the gift of giving with Pop District Bazaar. Join me and other influencers as we sell our pre-love clothes next week.

They say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year to celebrate love and life with our family and friends. It is when we are reminded that a kind gesture like giving, leaves a lasting effect that may change another person’s life. 

As for Pop District Bazaar, it does not only give shoppers and homegrown businesses an ultimate shopping experience; but it aims to continue spreading the essence of hope, joy and purpose. 

Hope is how this food and lifestyle bazaar was started by District Events, with a vision to promote local, online and start-up businesses since it began in 2015. It continues to help educate starting entrepreneurs with the basic skills they need to compete in the bigger market by giving them a platform to physically reach out to a potential clientele. 

Joy within a 2-day affair that showcases an outdoor dining area, never ending freebies, local music, an avenue to shop pre-loved items and a chance to meet and greet local or national influencers. 

Purpose to continuously create a proactive community that supports and understands each other, as what Charmaine Ong De Leon, General Manager of District Events, says, “It’s not just for these entrepreneurs to discover their market, and how they can improve their product; but it’s also for Cebuanos, in general, to celebrate and discover what their local businesses can offer. The idea really here is to support local.” 

Make this season worthwhile as we are close to wrapping up 2018 cause’ Pop District Bazaar is here again for one last time this year to celebrate its 10th run with #PDBHOLIDAY2018. Expect over 100 participating merchants to choose from this coming December 10-11, at The Tent, Mandani Bay from 3:00 PM to 12:00 MN. Entrance is for FREE. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed.  

Check out Pop District’s Instagram and Facebook page to get more updates.




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