Five Fingers and exploring Bataan

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I’ve said it on my previous travel post that I was totally clueless what is in Bataan.  I don’t know why my history lessons failed me but I didn’t really know the rich history of our fallen heroes in Bataan.

Bataan is really a beauty and even if I was in complete awe by Corregidor’s fortress, Bataan on the other hand is different. Bataan is known for its historical sites since it became the first strong line of defense during the world war again the Japanese soldiers.

After we went back to Mariveles, Port, we drove to the nearest city so that we can stay there overnight before we head of to our next destination.  I checked the internet about what I can do in Bataan and where to stay.  I was given several recommendations and one of them was checking and going to see the famous Five Fingers of Mariveles, we didn’t have much time to check the exact cove and beaches though but we decided to stay at Balanga, Bataan and visit their World War II Museum and their famous Balanga Park.

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Five Fingers is the newest attraction in Bataan it is now famous for its cliff diving, snorkelling, trekking and more fun activities if you are an adventure seeker kind of person.  We decided to go directly to their horizon viewing area and witnessed the beautiful view.  It’s like Batanes or Ireland and the view was just breathtaking.  We wished we could have more time to explore and go to the cove and beaches.

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The museum was hiddenly located inside Balanga Elementary School, we were reluctant at first but after asking some teachers, we were forwarded to the main museum area.  It is basically a small museum run by World War II survivors.  The survivors were very passionate in retelling their stories and experiences during the World War.  Unfortunately no photos and videos were allowed but we were able to take photos outside the museum where the Surrender Site Monument with life size statues of four American and three Japanese officers discussing and signing the surrender of the USAFFE (United States Army Forces in the Far East) is located.

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Their plaza is a mix of the old and new Balanga.  You can see how beautiful their plaza at night but the architectural concept of the entire plaza is just magnificent.  The plaza reminds you of Spain in a smaller perspective, it is full of colourful lights and the entire plaza is aesthetically appealing.  We werent’ able to explore much when we came because we were trying to have dinner right away since the malls and restaurants were about to close.

Where we stayed:

D’Samat Hotel

30 Camacho St Bagumbayan Balanga Bataan

Phone: (047) 237 3869

We were just on transit when we were in Balanga so we looked for the most cleanest and cheapest place to stay.  We stumble upon D’Samat Hotel.  Upon entering you would think that the place is close but you just have to ring the bell and a friendly staff will help you with your room.  Their room is spacious and cleaned properly.  We got two rooms and had an extra bed for Liz.  One thing I love about the place is their parking space which was great for us since we drove a car and D’Samat Hotel is perfect for backpackers.

Room: Php 1,500 for 24 hours.

They also offer a 12 hour stay which is much cheaper. Php 800.00 per stay.


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