McDo Kiddie Crew



It was such a fun-filled Sunday when McDonald’s invited us for a Media and Blogger Workshop to have a first hand experience with their Mcdo Kiddie Crew.  

The Kiddie Crew Workshop is a heritage program of McDonald’s that allows kids to experience all the fun things that makes up McDonald’s.  



I was very happy that even though Sven is still 2 years old, he was able to experience how to be part of the kiddie crew at a very young age.  But in order to register your child should be 6-12 years old which is the ideal age for the workshop but if you wish to enroll your kids aged 4-5 years, you may provide a letter of intent addressed to the store’s Restaurant Manager.  Please note that kids below 6 years old should always be accompanied by a parent or guardian during all days of the workshop.

The Registration fee is P 695 for the weekday workshop which includes a Workshop T-shirt, cap, bag, ID with lace, apron, chef’s hat, scrapbook and daily meals.

For those parents who are busy with work and cannot accompany their kids on a weekday schedule, McDonald’s now opened a weekend workshop schedule and the fee is P 595 which includes a Workshop T-shirt, cap, bag, ID with lace, apron, chef’s hat, scrapbook and daily meals as well.

Registration Period: starts now until May 2018

Registration Venue: All participating McDonald’s stores

Workshop Period:

Week 1: April 2-6

Week 2: April 9-13

Week 3: April 16-20

Week 4: April 23-27

Week 5: April 30-27

Week 6: May 7-11

Week 7: May 14-18

Week 8: May 21-25

Week 9: May 28-Jun 1

Week 10: Jun 4-8

Week 11: Jun 11-15

Week 12: Jun 18-22

Weekend workshop

Week 1: April 7-8

Week 2: April 14-15

Week 3: April 21-22

Week 4: April 28-29

Week 5: May 5-6

Week 6: May 12-13

Week 7: May 19-20

Week 8: May 26-27

Week 9: June 2-3

Week 10: June 9-10

Week 11: June 16-17





They have different workshop activities that will give your kids a unique experience with McDonalds.  Their activities includes values formation which tackles about teamwork, handwork, responsibility, discipline and sharing.

There is also an on-the-floor training, in which they service the front counter, drive-thru and lobby.  Your kid will also discover their full potential on their different workshop such as Apron Making, Burger Making, Talent Workshop, Jazz-Up Hat, Design your Own Happy Meal Box and more song and dance activities.




This kind of workshop instills discipline in your child and they get to gain new skills, meet new friends and experience a whole lot of learning and fun.

I was just very glad that even for a short afternoon workshop with McDonald’s, Sven was able to meet new friends and experience what it is to be part of the McDo Kiddie Crew.

For more details, you may visit their website here, or check their Official Facebook Page.


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