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Sorry this post took a long time, a year late to be exact.  I had a special post for Sven’s birthday last year but it was lost along with my laptop.  My heart was broken because I feel that I have written the most sweetest message for Sven as he turned one, except for the first letter I wrote him in my blog.

It still terrifies me that Sven is growing up so fast.  I couldn’t even believe that he started walking when he was 8 months old.  I know I had an entire year to love and nurture him but everything felt so fast.



So when the time came I had to prepare for his birthday I was so excited since I had everything planned since the day he was born.  Yes, I am not joking, from the very first day I decided a theme for his monthly updates or monthly birthday, I had already foreseen what his first birthday theme would be.  I don’t want to go with cakes every month since nobody eats a lot of cake at home and it’s an added Php 250-500 budget per month.  I also don’t like to put numbers since I seldom get my creative brains to work.  That’s why I decided to go with balloons, it’s just Php 9.00 at Hannah’s and I can recycle it as long as the balloons doesn’t pop or if it still looks good.  Imagine the savings I had every month.




When I decided to go with balloons, I already researched and went for the UP Movie theme.  Ahhhh!!! now you know the connection, Balloons and UP hahahaha! But as the day passes by, some of the desires I wanted for his birthday needs to be changed.  I wanted to do everything on my own, that means I did not hire any supplier and relied on my creative mind.  It was a great thing that I have talented friends who have persevered and helped me prepare for the big day.  Of course for the husband for providing everything I needed without questioning the budget.

I kept the decoration in line with the UP Movie theme and balloons, its like how I imagine it to be a journey of Sven’s adventure.  Since I cannot decide on a color, I stick with the normal balloon colours but decided not to go with pastel.  I had the most bold move on being crafty and made Sven’s cardboard letter and I was very happy to see the results, thanks to my friends and husband who helped out in order to finish the cardboard letter.  All the paper decorations and pompoms were hand crafted only for Sven.

We bought a basket from Carbon Market to serve as Sven’s ride as we imitate a hot air balloon ride as part of the decoration and mini hot hair balloon center pieces with some of our used wine bottles to serve as a holder for Sven’s photo collection.




Photobooth from: Matte Box Productions


DIY Pabitin


As for the cake, we ordered the simplest rainbow coloured caked to match the colours of the balloon.  We got it from Sweet Maria’s cake since we loved her cake from Sven’s Christening.  And the biggest highlight was Sven’s dessert buffet from Silver Spoon Catering.  I always love Silver Spoon ever since we decided to have them as our official caterer for our wedding but we first tried their service during Sven’s Christening, for me they are the best catering service in Cebu.

I decided to skip the clown and magic show and decided to get a bubble act for his birthday, it is something new for the kids to witness and everyone loved the bubble experience even the adults were having so much fun.  I got some additional food carts and balloon maker to serve as a little entertainment while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive.

I was very happy how his first birthday turned out. He was showered with love, gifts and kisses from everyone who attended his birthday.  We had so much fun with the entire family celebrating Sven’s first birthday.  It was tiring but all worth the sleepless nights.  Jul and I had worked hard for his birthday and I can’t help but feel nostalgic on how a year has gone by so quickly and now on this day, Sven just turned two minus the preparation since we opted to give him a small party at a later date because of some problem with the husband’s schedule and mine.



But we are very excited to see more of Sven’s growing years.  Everyday he always amazes us with little things and we are more excited to see him grow and develop even more of his own personality. I can’t believe that he is officially two this year and I promise to keep you up to date and not procrastinate in updating the blog for his 2nd birthday.  But for now, I can say that being called his “Mommy” is the best thing ever.





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