My Xlash Journey


Making your lashes look as lengthy as possible without the aid of falsies or eyelash extension is next to impossible, but if you are gifted with beautiful lashes then you are one of the lucky ones.  I’ve been wanting to grow back my lashes but I always fail in finding the perfect serum for me.  I’ve used natural products such as castor oil, sure it made a slight difference on my lashes but I want something instant, fast and safe.

So when I learned about Xlash Eyelash Serum, I was excited but reluctant at the same time.  Is the serum really effective? What if it will irritate my eyes? Is this worth the hype?  But I was also hoping that this is going to be my answer in having stronger, thicker and longer eyelashes.

A little back story, I had long lashes when I was in elementary but when I entered high school there goes my fascination in experimenting.  One of my friends told me that in order to make my eyelashes grow longer and curler, I should cut it out.  Just like what normal people do with their hair.  And so I thought, my mom scolded me and I lost my eyelashes back then, sadly it never grew back.  Worst, circa 2013, I burnt my lashes because of an incident during Sinulog, so there goes my fluttery eyelashes dreams.


I tried eyelash extensions but it’s quite hard to maintain and sadly, I lost my natural lashes because every time the extensions false off, my natural lashes sticks with it as well, resulting in having uneven eyelashes.  Sadly, perming my lashes did not do any good too because it was short, ugly and it breaks off easily.

So I prayed really hard that Xlash would really work.  During my first week in using Xlash, I was skeptical at first, but the company does guarantee the best results, I told my husband that my lashes seemed to grow longer, he told me that I must have been imagining things hahahahah.  On to my 30th day of using the serum, I’ve seen drastic changes because everytime I use my eyelash curler, I can see a huge difference and yes, I can feel my lashes already.

I used the instructions and applied the serum religiously an hour before bedtime.  It became part of my nightly routine.  Yes there were days that I forgot to apply but it didn’t stop the growth of my lashes.

So I was super excited to fully experience the serum and on to my 60th day, I couldn’t be any happier.  I had my semi-permanent lash lift and usually I don’t see any changes after each lift since I had thin and short lashes back then.  But after the session I was so ecstatic to learn from the attendants that my lashes are longer thus they have to use a wider and longer silicone so that they can accommodate my lashes and lift it correctly.

Imagine the excitement I felt after knowing that my lashes did grew longer.  And yes, I saw a huge difference. I’ve seen that my eyes looks different and my lashes are really fuller now.  My lashes now no longer experience drastic fallouts compared before and I can flaunt it without even using falsies or extensions.




This was taken January 2018. 


And after using Xlash for 45 or almost 60 days.  Here are the results.




Longer, fuller, thicker and stronger lashes. This phot was taken mid March 2018.

I would highly recommend Xlash to anyone who has problems with their eyelashes and wanted to grow them back in the most natural way.  And finally, Xlash has arrived in the Philippines and you can get your hands on them easily.  Prepared to be wow-ed by it’s effect and make your lashes grow longer, thicker, fuller and stronger. The results are really impressive and guess what??? I have a sweet treat to anyone who wants to try the the eyelash serum.

You may go to Xlash website, purchased your first eyelash serum and use my code “sweet12” for a 12% discount.  One more thing, watch out for my Eyelash Serum giveaway pretty soon because I just want one lucky follower/reader to experience the serum’s awesomeness.

Visit Xlash Philippines to know more of their products or you may follow them on all their Facebook Page and Instagram to know their latest deals.




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