Trendy Baby

As a mother I am always excited to shop for Sven’s clothes.  I always hit my favourite baby stores and see the latest trends.  Shopping for baby’s clothes is now my newest favourite past time, not only does it fuel my love for shopping, but doing it for your little one is such an amazing experience.

A lot of shops are now offering trendy wear for babies and sometimes they give the best bargains that are just too good to practical ways, I make sure that I don’t pick clothes that will be useless and will only be worn once in the end.

So, what do I always look for in buying clothes for Sven?



Easy, my top priority is Sven’s comfort, with the Philippines climate and changing weather I always see to it that I won’t be buying winter clothes that will be worn during the summer season.  I always go with fabrics that are comfortable and easy to wear.  Of course I always look for the simplest design to mix and match with his old shirt or pants.  I’ve learned that in order to have a happy baby, you must let them wear the most comfiest clothes ever.

Also, I always check the price.  Our little ones grow up so fast and spending our hard earned money on expensive suit or shirt is not really a practical idea.  What I usually do is to hit the sale racks first and see if I have something that I love, in any case if I can’t find any, I look for the nearest and cheapest alternative.  But if all else fails, I go to the most practical choice.    That is why it was very easy for me to pick an outfit for Sven at not only do they offer the most affordable wear for our cute babies but they also provide the best quality service and product for our little ones.





With the trendiest and cutest baby clothes, Lavender Sun wishes us to dress our little one and take as many memorable photo with them, what is important is that we will have a fun experiencing the joy’s of motherhood.



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