When Sweet Travels: The Inflatable Island






Truth be told, Inflatable Island is a hit or miss tourist destination.  If you are an extreme sport fanatic and loves extreme activities then this place is definitely for you.  But if you are a beach lover and in need of a place to chill then probably, don’t expect much.

Photos emerged online about the Inflatable Island and oh wow, these are great looking photos, but then when reviews came in,  I was having second thoughts if I wanted to go or not.




But since we were already in Subic, we decided to give it a go.  We purchased our tickets online to avail of their discount.  We were supposed to start our two hour pass at 8:00 am but we were a bit late.  Good thing they were not that strict when it comes to their schedule.  I decided not to go through the inflatable challenge aside from the fact that I’m not really into extreme activities, I have my only excuse which is no one will stay behind with Sven, hahahaha!

I only spent my two hours lounging around the beach and taking photos of their Bali Lounge, in photos it looked great and amazing but in reality it was just a small area where colourful beach umbrellas were set-up yet still it was instagramable worthy.

I wanted to buy food for Sven but food being sold were only limited to hotdogs since some of the bars were not yet opened.  I only bought their Inflatable Ice Tea while waiting for the rest of the gang to finish the obstacle course.  I can say that my brother, husband, Lovely and Liz had a great time with the obstacle course and I can definitely see it on their faces.





You can check out our video through my Facebook page here..  Since I am still in the process of uploading the video on my YouTube Channel.  For now enjoy viewing the photos.  I highly recommend the place for those extreme sport enthusiast but again don’t expect much.

For more information about the Inflatable Island. You may visit their website The Inflatable Island and book your tickets in advance or you may follow them on their Facebook page to get more updates.



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  1. terinablogs says:

    nice ate.. nakakainspired jd ate.. keep inspiring me ❤

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