WhenSweetTravels: Subic-Clark


Airport look with zero sleep.


I really wanted to getaway for awhile but having a growing toddler with you means that you can never relax on your travels. Well, it’s a case to case basis but with our recent Subic Trip it was five adults versus one toddler.  Every day was always a challenge but it was a good and memorable one.

So our six day tour around Subic, Bataan and Corregidor was masterplanned by my youngest brother.  He really wanted to see and explore Corregidor.  When he asked if we wanted to join the trip, I was reluctant at first since the husband’s schedule is swamped with events but good thing we were able to find a week that is open and booked the flights right away.


We arrived at Clark International Airport and had to kill some time while we wait for our rented car.  My brother decided to rent a car for six days since it is more convenient and cheap, plus we are traveling with a toddler which is really hard to commute.  I’ve checked that when you try to book a taxi getting out from the airport it will be the most expensive option.

Taxi charges 400 plus or more.  There are buses available as well but again, the commute is quite a challenge for us five. The brotherhood was incharge with our itinerary and route.  After the car arrived, we ate our breakfast at Jollibee hahahaha! and we then headed to Subic via SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway), it was roughly 45 minutes to an hour travel time.

Since our check in time at our rented place via AirBnb is still at 2pm, we decided to head over our first stop which is Subic Ocean Adventure.


Obligatory family photo.



It was my first time in Subic so I was half awake during the entire trip since I was running on zero sleep but my curiosity beats sleeping time.  I wasn’t much excited with our first stop, which is Ocean Adventure since I’ve read a lot of bad reviews about the place.

We’ve paid our tickets in advance via Metro Deals, we were able to find a good deal which was 50% off from their regular rate.  Going in was a breeze, but sad to say we weren’t able to see some of the earlier shows.  So we just waited for the Dolphin and Sea Lion Show while we roam around and took pictures of the place.

When the big event arrived, I was able to see the enthusiasm and excitement in my husband’s eyes hahahahaha! I really thought Sven will be more excited but since he doesn’t have any idea on what was going on, I guess it was his dad who took the excitement by heart.




The Dolphins were really amazing, I’ve seen a lot of Dolphin shows in the pass but the Dolphin at Ocean Adventure were incredible,  it was a thrilling experience seeing them fly up in the air despite of how big they were.  They look so beautiful and graceful plus they are all well loved by the people and their trainers.

After the Dolphin Show we transferred to the Sea Lion Show which was also entertaining because it was a bit comical but i still can’t get over the Dolphin Show.  Right after the entire show, we then headed off to the car and prepared to get some rest at our rented place.



That’s it for now, more on our Subic-Bataan-Corregidor Trip on my next post.

While waiting for my next post, please do check the video that I made about the entire trip, please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well.  Also I uploaded the same video on my Facebook Page.



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