Lakawon Island/Tawhai Floating Bar

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Negros has been my second home since my husband was assigned there, thus I’ve been to the island several times already.  But unfortunately, I haven’t explored the entire island that much.  There are so many beautiful spots and places that awaits every traveler immersing Negros natural beauty.

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One of the newest jewels in Negros Island is the newly developed Lakawon Island.  The husband told me that the island was far different from that it was used to be, it wasn’t as developed as it is now.

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I was hesitant at first to visit the place since I read a lot of bad reviews, but eventually I saw that they were able to recover from the bad reviews and slowly adding more features for their guests to enjoy from.  Now they have added a lot of activities in the island, but what we came for was the complete relaxation and getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

My friends from Sagay recommended that we stay during weekdays as to avoid the flock of guests during the weekend.  And yes, lo and behold, there were only a few guests staying; probably because it was raining so hard.  I was about to have a nervous breakdown because the rain won’t stop and I was trying to cover my husband, who is holding our baby tightly, so that they won’t get wet.  It was such a nerve wracking experience but thank goodness we arrived safe and sound.

Accommodations are available from canopy tents, umbrella huts, family cottages, bamboo houses and suite rooms for their guests.  They do have reasonable and impressive rates for their guests.  We stayed in a junior suite with an ocean view.  The room was huge enough for the three of us.

Food was also delectable, despite the lack of electricity and water but the island was able to manage to deliver the best service to their guests.  Though some of their food was a bit pricey but it was reasonable because it’s good for 3-4 persons per serving.

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Lakawon Island is really the Boracay of Negros, minus the party noises at night of course.  The place is best for complete relaxation with their pristine white beach made up of coarse corals and clear waters and yes, a lot instagrammable areas around the island.

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Before leaving the island, we made sure to get on board the Tawhai Floating Bar and it boasts yet another view of the entire place.  The floating bar is considered to be the biggest floating bar in Asia.  The husband was brave enough and has enjoyed jumping off from the decks but the best part was when I had my chill time while having a sip of my margarita and taking delight from the cool and relaxing vibe of the floating bar.



So if you are planning to visit Negros, make sure to schedule a day or two to appreciate and bask in Lakawon Island.

For Lakawon Island’s rate and services you may visit their Facebook Page (Lakawon Island).

Check out my Lakawon Island video on my Facebook Page.




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  1. so so so detailed and so romantic time with family! ❤

    1. true babe. 🙂 worth all the pagod.

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