WonderMOM Diaries: DIY Sensory Board

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When I was still pregnant with Sven, I was busy looking for great DIY projects for Sven when he grows up.  I saved a lot of Sensory Board/Activity Board ideas for Sven when he starts to tinker with a lot of stuff.   The activity board helps your child with their sensory skills and satisfies their desire to touch, explore and play with all the hardware on it.  The board encourages your child to use their five senses, improves problem solving skills and enhances their gross motor skill while it encourages their cognitive growth.

I started setting up the board with stuff I’ve found at home and bought some hardware stuff from our trusted store.  I placed the individual pieces of hardware on the board and started checking if the hardware needs to be screwed or you may use a velcro tape.  I was lucky that my mom has a lot of old board kept at our storage place and I was able to find one that is already, varnished and painted.

Once everything is placed and marked, you can pre-drill the holes for easy application.  Then it’s time to add the hardware.  For every hardware item with their corresponding screw, you may follow the individual instructions for mounting.

While we were busy finishing the board, Sven was shouting and getting excited already while he was observing the installation inside his crib.  The first arrangement was not so bad at all, but I guess the husband wanted to add more items on the board and organised everything, when we came back from a three day travel, the board was already improved with a lot of hinges, locks, toys and more options for Sven to play with.



Developing your child’s motor skills is very important and this project is very easy to make, it is sure a fun way to help them in their developmental milestones plus it’s a great gift for your little one.

Here’s my Video about the entire process:



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  1. Awesome board. When my first daughter was about a year or so old I made a board with all sorts of bolts and fasteners and she loved it, so I know your little one will put some miles on the one you made. Great job.

    1. Sweet says:

      So true, this board was really useful for my son. Thank you

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