Sweet thoughts about 31


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You never go wrong with denims and leather skirts.

Crop Top – Emporium finds

Leather Skirt – Zara

Denim Jacket – Forever21

Sandals – Primadonna

Bag – Prada

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Now that I am officially 31, never in my entire life have I imagined myself slowing down for any reason.  I was always on the go, impulsive in my decisions, changing preferences in life, a rule breaker, taking risks and probably loves to procrastinate most of the time but never slowing down with my dreams and ambitions.

I am constantly chasing my dream but when Sven came, I shifted, I changed and I put all my priorities to rest and told myself that I will make him my number one priority.  I want to be there on his first year growing up.

I’d say my first year being thirty is filled with beautiful memories worth remembering and I am very grateful that I’ve made it this far.  I was blessed to have the most amazing and beautiful pregnancy.  Indeed, Motherhood really changed me, it changed me to become a better person not only for my family and friends; but to my husband and son.  I can say I was the best Aunt to my nephews and nieces but nothing could compare the love you have for your own child.

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My favorite date.

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Adulting is hard but being married and being a mother is tough, you become a complete different person physically, emotionally and spiritually.  But with everything I’ve been through, I came up stronger with no regret at all.

I’ve lived my teenage years enjoying my youth.  My twenties living the life and now as I slow down on my thirties, I am starting to build my dreams not only for me but for my family.  Times always changing and I am glad that I am also a partner for that change.

To everyone who greeted me on my 31st birthday, my heart-filled thank you.  I hate to say this, but I love being 31.



Thank you for the mister for always making my birthday special.


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