Pregnancy Food Trip


Things have been crazy lately, my little gummy bear will be turning 2 months soon and I can just imagine how time files so fast.  I remembered I haven’t shared to you my pregnancy journey, I really hope I can live up to my promise to finish this journey before Sven turns one year old hahahaha.  Kidding’ aside I am just forever thankful that I have the smoothest and easiest pregnancy of all, it just seems that I was never pregnant in the first place except for the fact that my appetite had doubled during the second trimester of my pregnancy but luckily I didn’t gained weight, I guess my baby knows how to suck all those yummy food for his own growth and development.



Photography: Matte Box Productions

I was pretty particular with the food I was taking during my pregnancy because I was afraid I might have gestational diabetes if I eat sweets a lot or probably indigestion because I already have some issues with my gallstones.  But thankfully, all my pregnancy cravings were just subtle and it was not hard to watch my weight through my journey.  As a matter of fact, I already had a hint about my baby’s gender because of the food that I was craving, I wasn’t craving for anything sweet at all.  It is just too weird that cakes, chocolates were not top on my list.  What I love eating was all kinds of food with soup on it, most especially all the Filipino food specials.  Pochero, Bulalo, Sinigang, Tinolang Manok, Utan Bisaya, Nilagang Baka, Nilagang Baboy, Ginataang Gulay and etc.  my tastebuds all wanted something spicy, salty and sour. (Check out the photos for a food feast.)

As what I have mentioned on my previous post, morning sickness never came, not even a single hint of nausea, call me one of the luckiest pregnant person who didn’t experience the morning sickness in full force.  I only love to sleep, so fatigue came in the way, I always get 3 solid hours of afternoon naps or sometimes more than that.


Home-made sinigang cooked by me. 


Ginataang gulay with seafoods cooked by my mom.


Ah, yummy pochero from Muvanz.


Ginataang gulay from Orange Karenderia.


Authentic Vietnamese soup.



And yes, desserts. 🙂

I’d pretty say luck really came into place, because I had the pleasure of enjoying the food that I want without me vomiting them afterwards.  And thankfully the ice cream craving continued until the end of my third trimester and it always makes my baby happy.  I guess whatever I was eating during my pregnancy did well with my baby’s well being and health.

For now, I don’t have any plans to get back into shape since I am enjoying my everyday experience as a Mother.  I just want to regain my strength first before I worry about my weight.  I still have a lot of months to get back into shape, for now I just want to spend more time with my little warrior; it’s not everyday you get to give birth to a healthy baby boy and survive everything, yes I am proud and strong about my pregnancy journey.

Until next time, hugs and kisses everyone.


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  1. All looks so delicious! Especially the authentic Vietnamese Soup, It sure get my attention.

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