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Mother’s Day Treat

Last Mother’s Day I had a chance to indulge into a sweet experience to celebrate Mother’s Day in advance.  It was an amazing treat with the Chocolate Queen of Cebu herself.  The event was filled with knowing the history and  experience in her chocolate journey.  Of course there were a lot of chocolate tasting as well.  
I cannot believe that I am now attending functions or events for mothers.  This year is my first year to celebrate mother’s day and as a new mom, I am so happy and thrilled for this new journey.  Of course the best thing about attending an event is dressing up for it.  I was second guessing myself because I still have to cope up with my post pregnancy body but a black jumpsuit did the trick in hiding my mommy tummy with a hint of body jewelry just like the ones from to complete the entire outfit.  I know I still have to blog about the second phase of my pregnancy but please understand that I have yet to cope up with my new schedule as a mother.  
Until next time.  Hugs and Kisses everyone!
Cardigan: ForMe
Bag: Miss Sixty
Shoes: Zara
Jumpsuit: SM Woman

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