Dress your Baby Bump (Proud MOM to be)



Few more days before my due date arrives and I’ve been terribly slacking with my blog posts and updates about my journey in becoming a mother.  

Pregnancy itself is filled with so many challenging things but I was lucky enough that I have a smooth and easy journey for my first and second trimester.  But sometimes, I just feel exhausted without any reason at all and the never ending list of being so tired all the time keeps piling up.

So in order to keep me up to beat I still continued to style myself as if I wasn’t pregnant.  Of course dressing my baby bump can be exhausting especially when you are entering your third trimester but good thing I had a good support system with the special participation of the mister who is always there to hold my leggings every time I dress up, fix my shoes, adjust my bra extenders and pull out some clothes in the closet if I am too tired to look for it.

So the first challenge was to decide whether to buy whole new pieces of maternity clothes or make use of my old loose dresses and tops.  I had no idea where to buy stylish maternity clothes in Cebu and shopping online is a headache because of the inconsistencies of the sizes. 

But in the end I decided to make use of my old clothes and stole some oversized pieces from my Mother’s closet.  Good thing she spoiled me and gifted me with new dresses and loose tops to add to my so-called maternity collection.



In general my must haves are the following:

  • Comfortable Leggings (make sure it is a size or two bigger than your regular fit)
  • Cotton Tank Tops (that are comfy and stretchy)
  • Maxi Dresses (that has the perfect length and material, to avoid tripping accidents)
  • Kimono Vest and Oversized Cardigans (to hide those bulging arms)
  • Oversized Tops
  • Any comfortable Flats (that are slip resistant)
  • FitFlop Footwear (because my feet doesn’t hurt after walking for an hour or two
  • Comfy and Loose Maxi Skirts
  • Loose Dresses (which are a size bigger than your ordinary size)
  • and lastly, Figure Hugging Dresses (to make you look slimmer but make sure it’s comfortable enough and does not constrict your belly)

I didn’t buy any maternity jeans, shorts or blouses.  I just made use of my old shorts which are two sizes bigger than my regular fit and made a tiny trick of extending the zipper to close it or sometimes I use my old tube top now being used as a belly band on the last stretch of my third trimester.




So you see, you can actually choose not to wear maternity clothes at all, just make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing and yes, always exude confidence in wearing your bump. 

Don’t ever think you look like a umpa lumpa because at the end of the day, being pregnant happens only once in a lifetime so why don’t you, enjoy it and make sure that you have a well-dress baby bump to show the world how Proud you are in becoming a MOTHER.

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